Bad News—Good News

By: Steve Huston

There are few, if any, who do more to expose propaganda, bring to light the dangers that are hidden and ongoing within our nation, and keep a close and watchful eye on our numerous enemies around the globe and at home than Frank Gaffney. With the help of Dr. Lawrence Sellin, he recently exposed yet another way in which China has infiltrated America and is gathering information which can only be used for nefarious purposes. Let me whet your appetite with a few facts shared on a recent Secure Freedom Radio broadcast, urging you to inform yourself by listening to the link provided afterward. Click here to listen now.

Dr. Sellin begins the broadcast with this disturbing news. “U.S. research programs are massively infiltrated by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and People’s Liberation Army (PLA) scientists who immigrated to the United States over the last thirty years. They are now in position of responsibility in every major American University and in U.S. government laboratories including those of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Department of Defense (DoD).”

He also warns that many of these Chinese scientists has become U.S. citizens yet remain loyal to the CCP and are actively collaborating with their counterparts in China, including with the PLA.

Listen to this short broadcast where he exposes a pattern of behavior which includes money being funneled through every major university in the United States to support China’s research and development program—in particular its biological warfare program. Pay attention as he gives examples, tying American universities and American figures, like Dr. Fauci to the CCP and the PLA.

Now, here’s the good news. Even though there is zero counter-intelligence going on to safeguard us from our mortal enemy in regard to this technology and training; even though there is no accountability on how taxpayer money is being spent to train and develop weapons against us; our hope is not in the government or the benevolence of our enemies. Regardless of what happens, our faith and trust is in the Lord and His ultimate plan for us, our nation, and this world. As we learn of these dangers and see no protection coming from those elected officials who are supposed to have our best interest at heart, let it serve as a catalyst to cause us to pray fervently and desperately. May we come to a recognition that truly our only hope is in the Lord. That must also serve as a catalyst to spend more time in God’s Word, pray for a stronger determination to walk in God’s laws and statutes, and share His truth (and these political truths) far and wide.

 Click here or paste the following link in your browser for this short broadcast (2/7/22) with Frank Gaffney and Dr. Lawrence Sellin:


 Dr. Al Mohler shared some very good news on his broadcast, The Briefing, today (2/8/2022). The headline says it all: A Big Win for the Integrity of Christian Ministry and Christian Families as West Lafayette City Council Withdraws Proposed “Conversion Therapy” Ban. And yet, I still want to say a few words and urge you to listen to this broadcast as well.

First, we have a responsibility to stand for right, and that, based on the Bible. When we fulfill our responsibility, using every means at our disposal to stand in the Lord’s mighty power, then we can rest in the Lord, knowing we have done that which is right.

Second, realize that this is not in a foreign land or on the East or West coasts; this is in mid-America. It’s Indiana for crying out loud. The battle for truth has come to us; there is no place to hide. We either stand or lay down and get spiritually bull-dozed over. Truth and religious liberty are at stake. You need not stand alone; but you must stand! This leads to my third, and final, point.

Third, there are still some courts in the land which are willing to rule by the law, instead of the “woke” culture and its feelings. Also, there are many good Christian legal groups which are willing to join you in your battle for right. Dr. Mohler lists several of these organizations. I urge you to listen to the broadcast (or read the transcript) and 1) Give God glory and thanksgiving for what He has done in this Indiana court case. 2) Pray for the men and women in these organizations that are on the front lines and willing to go to court on behalf of those who will stand. 3) Prayerfully consider donating to these defenders of religious liberty. It’s costly.

Click here to listen to this powerful broadcast or paste the following link in your browser.


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