A rare weekend update from ADA

By: Bill Johnson

I won’t be watching the Olympics as I stated yesterday.  And, I urge you not to as well. Gary Bauer speaks into this concern in his characteristic style – effectively.  As we did yesterday at:  link https://mailchi.mp/cwfpac.com/eodarchive-29712?e=597407717a

QuotingMeanwhile, there are some new competitions at the “Beijing Genocide Games.”  But there’s one that didn’t make the official list, even though everyone is participating.  I call it the “Kowtow Event.”  It’s to see who can bow the lowest and kiss the feet of dictator Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party. I thought the head of the International Olympic Committee put in a strong performance for the Kowtow gold medal when he was asked to comment on the Uighur genocide.  He looked like a prisoner of war being forced to read enemy propaganda.

On another front, news out of Detroit is concerning as Detroit’s city government prepares to link with money from the state of Michigan and GOOGLE.  (note emphasis on GOOGLE.)

Included in the announcement was news that Google will be a founding member of the district and also provide free computer science classes for local high schoolers inside the former train station. Detroit will be the first Midwest city to have those after-school and weekend classes for teens made available through Google’s Code Next Lab program.

ContinuingAs part of the public-private partnership, the city of Detroit has a tentative agreement to designate a special Transportation Innovation Zone testing site within the Michigan Central district. The zone would give businesses and startups expedited approvals for trying out new technologies.

Google?  Is Google what we want investing time and money into our impressionable teens – on weekend classes and after-school?  Maybe you are comfortable with Google but you shouldn’t be.  Google has been in bed with China for a long time!  Think data collection and facial recognition ….

Lastly, this. As we face increasing assaults upon us as Christians and desire to be strengthened for what is before us day by day, I know that I increasingly recognize that most play footsy with spiritual things.  But, haven’t we seen enough that we know that our help is not found in man.

Pastor John MacArthur is a tremendous resource to go to for spiritual challenge and instruction in the times in which we are living and how to live.  For those of you who do podcast, download his podcast at Grace to You.

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