ZOOM AVAILABLE!—Final Conferences Today and Tomorrow

By: Steve Huston

The most compassionate act a person can do is to speak truth into the lives of others; first, truths that affect their eternal destiny, and second, truths that impact their physical and emotional states of well-being. This is why M.D. Perkins has been speaking around Michigan and American Decency has been hosting these conferences.

It keeps getting better and easier to attend!  If you had hoped to attend our Wednesday and Thursday (today-7/28 and tomorrow-7/29) “We Are Created In His Image,” conferences but due to time or distance thought it just not possible; you can view it online through Zoom. Show up in person or Zoom with us from the American Decency headquarters (203 E. Main St.) from 3 – 6 PM today and from 6:30 – 9 PM tomorrow.

Today’s Zoom link is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84857705081?pwd=NW14RytLQVBVVXcxZkc5VytSVWMxQT09
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Tomorrow’s Zoom link will be sent out in another email tomorrow.

Today:  Wednesday July 28 at ADA headquarters (203 East Main Street) from 3:00 – 6:00 PM, M.D. Perkins (film producer of In His Image) will address The Revoice Movement’s Unique Challenge to Orthodoxy. Glenn Bulthuis (Calvin College graduate) will speak on Distorting His Image: A Christian College Caters to the LGBT. Pastor Dan Gilmore (Nazarene Superintendent) will virtually join us to message about The reticence of the church and our need for the church to arise. Each of these men is a discerning, godly truth-teller who have stood up in their own ways and are ready to share their experiences with you. A panel discussion follows; don’t miss out. In addition, we have a special update, bringing the issues of this conference to local application. Cathy (concerned parent) will share the deeply troubling information coming out of the Whitehall schools. LGBTQ joins with local schools to indoctrinate our children. That should be of particular interest and concern and lead us to prayer as we learn of the further developments surrounding LGBTQ and local schools.

Tomorrow:  Thursday, July 29 (ADA Headquarters again) from 6:30 – 9:00 PM. If you listen to American Family Radio (AFR), you’ve likely heard the name Meeke Addison. If you’ve ever listened to her program, Airing the Addisons, you’ll be excited to learn that Meeke will be joining this ADA event via Zoom. She’s a contemporary and lively voice speaking into nothing new under the sun, including the various cultural issues that press in upon each of us today. Of course M.D. Perkins will be here, finishing up his Michigan tour and speaking on Understanding the Revolution. And to finish off the event, Cathy will once again be bringing the issues of this conference to local application, giving an update of what has been happening in the Whitehall schools.

Make this a great turnout! Invite your friends, family, and church to the American Decency Association (or to Zoom) this Wednesday and Thursday at the times above. These are important issues for each of us; they are impacting our daily lives and we must be brought to sober-mindedness, discernment, and courage to stand, having done all to stand.

To get a better picture of what some of the messaging looks like, click here for a recap of last Friday’s event.

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