Will We Govern Or Be Governed By Fear?

By: Steve Huston

James Madison, statesman, founding father, and fourth president of the United States, once wrote, “A popular government, without popular information or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or tragedy, or perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people that mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge brings.” America was built on the concept of self-governance; and with such freedom comes the awesome responsibility to be informed and armed with truth.

When a people are not armed with knowledge and truth—truth being the Bible and true science, which is that science that aligns itself to holy writ—they will be ruled by a government that manipulates them with false “knowledge” and lies. Such a government will provoke fear and hatred to the end that those people, who are unarmed with truth, willingly give over their freedoms and rights to their own demise. Freedom lost is rarely, if ever, regained; particularly when it is quickly given up in ignorance to those who have created an atmosphere of fear. Herein we see the farce and tragedy; if the governed will not awaken to truth and real knowledge it will not be turned around.

Today, we find ourselves in such manipulative peril. Arm yourself with truth! What are the facts? Who benefits from steps taken? Do these steps align themselves with God’s Word? Do they fall in line with the Constitution; in other words, do they pass the Preamble Test? And always make sure that the “cure” is not more dangerous than the “disease.” We must look at things with a view from the whole (legal, economic, social, religious, etc.)

COVID fascism is our most recent national battle and many have fallen in lockstep; but other battles are coming and we had better be knowledgeable, thinking and ready.

We’ve discussed masks and social distancing, shut downs, and now vaccines. Remember that the facts (from the start) were that COVID-19 was very comparable to the seasonal flu; and now, we are being pressed to get vaccinated with something that’s not tested and the benefits are questionable at best.

Bill Gates told CBS Evening News , “The discussion now is do we just need to get a super high coverage of the current vaccine, or do we need a third dose that’s just the same, or do we need a modified vaccine?” He went on to explain that if the coronavirus is not eradicated, additional shots may be necessary in the future.

Remember, this is a vaccine that’s effectiveness is so great that those who receive it are told they should still wear a mask (or multiple masks) and social distance. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated in early February. “It’s obviously an incredible medical breakthrough and we want every American to have one, but even after you’re vaccinated, social distancing [and] wearing masks is going to be essential.

A nation of self-governed individuals should be asking, “Why?” “Who benefits financially and to what end?” “Does it make sense to trust those who promote global depopulation with the creation of vaccines?” Consider the things that have been, and are likely to be, thrust upon us, where does such a road lead? Remember, it’s about personal freedom; but it’s about much more than thatThe constitutional foundations of this nation are being attacked because America has stood in the way of the elite who have desired to tyrannically rule the whole world through globalism. We’re told that we will “own nothing and like it;” but then, who will own the things we use? Those who own get to decide who gets the use.

Conservatives should have been armed with the knowledge of our Constitution and thinking of how terms and definitions are changed by progressives to further their agenda when the USA Patriot Act of 2001 (Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism).was presented in Congress and passed. Today, an attempt is being made to classify most conservatives as terrorists. The Constitution isn’t to be suspended for terrorism, disease, or for any other reason, regardless of how tempting it may be for the moment. We are a land of laws and a self-governed people by those same laws. IF we toss those laws aside we are in mortal danger.

If we are self-governed, why have we allowed the courts to steam-roll us with what can only be termed as judicial legislation? A majority of Americans were not for abortion or homosexual “marriage;” yet they were forced unconstitutionally on to the states and their American citizenry by black-robed tyrants.

Much could be pointed to in the past; but let’s look ahead to the near future. We must be armed with knowledge and have the intestinal fortitude to stand up for our rights and liberties as Leftists, Communists, and would-be elitist tyrants from both parties attempt to shred or circumnavigate the real Law of the Land, the Constitution of the United States of America. They will do so using bills with nice sounding titles like “For the People Act,” which is a misnomer; more accurately, it should be called “For the Party Act.” They will do so by pulling on the public’s heart strings by saying, “it’s for the children” or some other rendition of the same song. They will do so by appealing to “common sense” while abandoning all true Constitutional sense. The attack on the Second Amendment through H.R. 127 is one such example.

It’s vital that we become aware and knowledgeable regarding the things that are coming out of Washington D.C. (and our own states), things that are attacks on the Constitution which ARE attacks upon each of us. When laws are passed that run contrary to the Law of the Land, they are not true or legal laws and should be treated as no laws at all. This way of thinking is foreign thinking to most of us; but we must remember, it’s not just about us; it’s about our posterity and the world. Such boldness must only be taken through God’s holy Word and the Constitution which governs all who would govern. Let me close with a reminder that local government and lesser magistrates will be the starting ground for most who will stand.

As we, armed with knowledge and wisdom, resist tyrannical rule, let us remember that, humanly and legally speaking, the jury is a kind of last line of defense against a rogue government bent on usurpation of our rights and liberties. As American jurist Theophilus Parsons so rightly put it, “But, sir, the people themselves have it in their power effectually to resist usurpation, without being driven to an appeal of arms. An act of usurpation is not obligatory; it is not law; and any man may be justified in his resistance. Let him be considered as a criminal by the general government, yet only his fellow-citizens can convict him; they are his jury, and if they pronounce him innocent, not all the powers of Congress can hurt him; and innocent they certainly will pronounce him, if the supposed law he resisted was an act of usurpation.” Unfortunately, this only works if the people at large are awakened to truth and knowledge; otherwise, we are judged not by a jury of our own peers but by an ignorant people fed by lies and ready for the slaughter, who, in turn, are ready to sacrifice those who would stand for what is right. Our only and best option is to be armed with truth; and prayerfully, to the best of our ability, arm others too.

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