Who Are The Willfully Blind?

By: Steve Huston

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Many conservatives, and others, have been calling this administration and those on the Left words like “inept,” “stupid,” “willfully blind,” and many other terms which may not compare to the Left’s vitriolic terms like “dregs of society.” What if we haven’t given them enough credit? What if we are the ones who are willfully blind in not recognizing that there is, and has been, a long-term agenda that’s patiently marching in-step and on schedule? One can’t help but see an agenda at work when we recognize the lies surrounding the election, COVID, and the push for an ineffective shot being passed off as a vaccination. (It may be ineffective as a vaccination but is it effectual in their agenda?) We see an agenda at play when patriotic citizens become political prisoners under the guise of a January 6 “insurrection.” Don’t we see an agenda at play when we see conservatives and Christians being kept out of government positions of influence and authority because of their beliefs? After all this and more we are willing to call people out as inept and stupid while they continue to play out the agenda of the Marxist Left.

Admittedly, it’s not only America’s Left who is pushing for our demise. There are other factions who are more than happy to lend a hand, each with their own agenda and each eager to pick over America’s corpse when and if she reaches the point of death and devastation. Will God allow it? If so, He will have done so in His sovereignty, justice, and plan. If so, He will be faithful to His true followers, giving them grace and strength and mercy, for He cannot deny Himself.

America has long pushed back against the tide of tyranny by three main entities who desire to rule the world. Who are these nefarious enemies without that have joined with America’s traitors within? If America (their common enemy) falls, who will be left fighting for global domination? How do we see their influence (agenda) pushing on America today?

1. Islamic Sharia extremists with their aspirations of worldwide dominion (Caliphate) by an Islamic emperor (Caliph) who is charged with enforcing Sharia law on all earthly inhabitants.

In looking at this administration’s recent interactions with Afghanistan, Iran, and the Taliban, it’s not ineptness, but rather the uniting of agendas. It may be foolhardy and perhaps considered treason, but it isn’t inept. When looking at the U.S. “aid deals” with Afghanistan, one must recognize that according to Islam’s Sharia law, it’s the responsibility of non-Muslims to pay for the upkeep of the Muslims (jizya). According to Robert Spencer, “When the Taliban sees the United States ready to hand over millions of dollars to it,” we are just paying our dues. It’s part of submission; it’s falling in line with their agenda and there is no olive branch of reciprocation offered in return.

Add to that the fact that the U.S. is daily bringing 1,000 largely unvetted Afghani Muslims into the U.S.  and depositing them into American communities via refugee resettlement organizations. In discussing this with Frank Gaffney, Robert Spencer explained that for decades Afghanistan has been dominated by the Taliban (a jihad group), which is friendly with Al-Qaida (another jihad group), which has a friendly rivalry with another jihad group (ISIS). With all the above, it’s likely we are sitting on a ticking time bomb and we must ask ourselves, “Is it ineptness or an agenda that’s being played out before our very eyes?”

The Biden regime also hotly pursues Iran to re-enter some agreement with us, even willing to make nearly any concessions necessary. This is seen as a sign of weakness, which only encourages them to attack. We can only take an educated guess at this administration’s reasoning; but we can be sure there is an agenda being unfolded.

2.  Globalists pushing a Communist agenda using COVID-19 and technocracy as a means to dominate, desiring to bring every nation and person under their totalitarian, tyrannical control.

As so much unfolds changing the spirit of American liberty one tyrannical mandate after another and watching the shredding of our Constitution, one cannot help but think (and mounting evidence shows) that this is not a matter of circumstance; it’s all an agenda, either from the start or at the very least the globalists had plans in place to ride whatever tsunami came along.

Using fear as a motivator, these globalists have taken a virus that is little more than the flu and have gotten people to lockdown, mask up, stay away from friends and loved ones, stop going to church, taken an experimental gene-therapy that is ineffective as a vaccine, and pit the “vaccinated” against the unvaccinated. They’ve even used it to promote the idea of digital identity, digital currency, and other technology and artificial intelligence to further their agenda, including transhumanism. Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum (WEF) is one of the biggest names in globalism. Long before COVID-19 he stated, “And in the end, maybe, there will be a direct communication between our brains and the digital world. What we see is a kind of fusion of the physical, digital, and biological world.”

We’re watching the effects of both the lockdowns and the mandated experimental gene-therapy as there is a shortage of healthcare workers, airline pilots, military and law enforcement shortages, truckers, and other workers, leading to bare store shelves, less protection, limited travel, and the list goes on.

The Leftist government of America is ignoring the Constitution and continues to push these same ideals because it matches up with their agenda so well. Do they really believe that once Marxist/Maoist globalism is in place and America is no longer a sovereign nation that they will still be at the top of the food chain? Foolhardy choices? Yes. Treasonous? Definitely. Inept? Not so much; it’s their ill-conceived plan.

3.  The Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Xi Jinping “has had a dream of his own – one of a resurgent China that would reclaim its rightful place atop the global hierarchy.” (The Hundred-Year Marathon, Michael Pillsbury) Thus giving feet to Confucius’ saying that “There cannot be two suns in the sky, nor two emperors on the earth.”

Like a weed that pushes up through a sidewalk or roots through a foundation, the CCP has used unrestricted warfare to infiltrate the foundation of Western civilization, infiltrating our media/social media and putting a stranglehold on free speech and free thought through coercion when it comes to entertainment and business.

The Epoch Times reports, “The Chinese regime has been deploying ‘covert, corrupt, and coercive’ means to weaponize Chinese-language and Western media in a campaign to impose its vision of current affairs on the rest of the world, a recent French military think tank report has found.”

According to this 650-page report, Beijing has been exploiting the openness of the West to amplify its propaganda narrative. What we view as strengths, the CCP has taken advantage of and turned against us. “The values of tolerance that characterize Western democracies have afforded Beijing ‘considerable freedom of movement,’ allowing it to multiply its foreign offices, recruit foreign journalists to adapt its messages to different audiences, infiltrate local press with gifts and other material benefits, and dispense millions of dollars on Western media to further expand its reach.”

China has long been stealing American technology and military secrets but has also been escalating its cyber warfare against the U.S. and our response is completely inadequate. One cybersecurity professional states that we “are absolutely inept at defending the United States from cyberspace adversaries,” according to another Epoch Times article. It’s using cyberspace to disrupt and “torment” the U.S. in many ways.

Although the CCP has been vastly expanding their military on land, sky, and sea, they’ve chosen to avoid a military escalation with the U.S. in order to achieve their own national goals in other domains like diplomatic, economic, financial, and intelligence, to name a few. With Beijing bolstering their air bases near Taiwan, making their presence felt in the South Seas, and recently testing a nuclear-capable hypersonic glide vehicle that caught American intelligence completely off guard, one has to wonder how long before the CCP will make its move militarily against the U.S.. In that event, I fear we are ill-prepared.

In closing, I would remind the reader that there are other enemies we face as well; if we do not follow the commands of the Lord Jesus Christ, we will find that we are our own worst enemy. Christian, remember that regardless of who seems to be in control on this earth, you have an agenda too. It is to take Christ into the world wherever you may be. It is to let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

With all the dangers that are facing us, let us remember that the greatest danger that anyone faces is spiritual blindness. If we are aware of the many temporal dangers that surround us yet fail to see the spiritual warfare in them we are spiritually, willfully blind. Walking in such evil days, we must strengthen both our prayer life and our own spiritual stance. Sometimes good works will resemble peace and harmony; while at other times it will look like warfare, standing for Truth against all who would oppose it. We are called to be meek but not cowardly, mighty in the Lord but not overbearing. Let us pray for each other that we will walk in balance – full of grace and truth – as our Lord did and calls us to do.

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