Where IS Sesame Street?

By: Steve Huston

It’s no wonder the theme song for iconic children’s TV program, Sesame Street, repeats over and over, “Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? How to get to Sesame Street?” They’ve been progressively moving around but always in the same direction, just a little further down the street. We will follow their trail shortly; but first, why is it a big deal?

Let me start this article quoting how my coworker, Chris Johnson, so rightly and masterfully ended one of his recently. “Christians have got to get past the illusion that education and entertainment and even advertisements are somehow neutral spaces. The left wins because they get that and somehow we still don’t.

We need to understand that there is a battle going on for our children’s mind, heart, and soul. It’s a spiritual battle that uses the same tactics that Satan used so long ago in the Garden. “Hath God really said?” Second to its spiritual aspects, it’s an attack on our nation; for what nation can stand when they disregard and go against the commands of God and what He has ordained from creation?

Sesame Street has left a trail of LGBTQ+ crumbs for many years now. I remember waking up from a nap only to see my, at that time, young child watching Ellen DeGeneres on Sesame Street. Since that time it was considered a show we no longer trusted to teach/entertain our children. PBS was no longer a trusted source for our family. Since then several other “out” celebrities have been on the show: Billy Eichner, Billy Porter, and more recently Lil Nas X.

I started this article by telling you that Sesame Street moved and that it’s not neutral; but rather, it’s taking part in a battle for your children’s mind, heart, and soul. The current attack on family and Biblical values, attempting to confuse our children, is Sesame Street’s first time ever introducing two “married” gay dads (Frank-Alex Weisman and Dave-Chris Costa) and their daughter (Mia-Olivia Perez) for a special “Family Day” episode. One of the dads tells the group, “There’s all kinds of different families, but what makes us a family is that we love each other.

“Hath God really said?” After all, it’s fun, it makes us laugh, they certainly seem to be nice people (and they likely are)…it’s pleasing to the eye, it’s good for entertainment, it seems as though it would make us wise…

What God calls sin, is sin. No matter how it is dressed up; regardless of how friendly it seems, there is no redefining of sin, family, or any other thing which God has already defined for us in His Word. Even if we accepted the definition of family as being “we love each other,” that would cause great difficulty because it offers no stability in the fabric of community. Anyone who loves another is family? Those who are a “family” unit but have come to merely tolerate one another are no longer family? I could go on and on but you get the idea. The family is the building block of society and when the term family can mean anything, it means nothing.  That brings great danger to our nation, our society, our community, and our children.

I could urge you to contact Sesame Street and PBS, letting them know that you are bothered by their blatant disregard for Biblical values and their attack on the family. That’s not a bad idea since they should hear from people; and it’s important to do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do. At the same time, it’s rather obvious that they don’t really care what people like us think.

I will urge you to spread the word, stop watching PBS (and Netflix and other networks that desire to capture our children’s heart, mind, and soul), and, most importantly, pray for Alex, Chris, and Olivia to see the light of God’s truth, understand His love for them, and come to a saving and sanctifying relationship with Jesus Christ.

With God all things are possible.Here is one such unlikely story.

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