Waiting on the Lord

By: Steve Huston

Scripture often calls us to wait on the Lord, either by command or through example. But what does it mean to wait? For many, it’s like waiting to see the doctor. They while away their time reading a magazine or playing on their phones, killing time until it’s their turn. Is that what Scripture is calling us to? I think not.

There are several Hebrew words in Scripture that we translate into English as “wait.” Let me share just a few examples with you. One word means “to scrutinize; to expect with hope and patience; to tarry.” Another bids us “to collect; to expect; to gather together, look patiently; wait for, on.” One more is defined as “piercing – to adhere to, to await, long.

For the Christian, the call to wait is to do so being ready with anticipation, like a runner in the starting blocks. There’s the sense of excitement, waiting for the gun to fire. His muscles are ready to spring into action, preparing for what lies ahead. If the starter pistol delays in its firing, he dare not relax for a moment lest he be caught unaware and fall behind before he’s even begun. His mind has set before it the course to run, with its curves and hills, ready to push every fiber of his being in order to conquer whatever may come. There’s a heightened sense of emotion as he sees the competition and imagines crossing the finish line. Win or lose, he desires to do his very best. Here, his training and discipline will be put to the test.

In the Christmas season we watch children wait with anticipation, wanting to feel, shake, or question the giver about the gift they see. In Luke 2:25-38 (please take time to read this account) we see Simeon and Anna, two examples of what it is to wait for the coming of our Lord at His First Advent. With a Roman occupation, many likely awaited the long-promised Messiah, most of which, likely, did so as we await our doctor’s appointment. It was simply a hope and a bidding of their time. But, in these verses, we see two who waited with anticipation; particularly Simeon, as he was promised “that he should not see death, before he had seen the Lord’s Christ.”

Can you imagine the anticipation Simeon must have felt each day? It appears he waited; living in hopeful expectation for Messiah’s coming. Knowing Messiah’s arrival could happen at any moment likely helped to spur him on in living a just and devout life. Can you imagine the excitement that must have overwhelmed him as the Holy Spirit said, “See that baby over there? He’s the One!” When we wait on the Lord, we will NOT be disappointed.

There are many ways in which we are called to wait on the Lord; but, dear Reader, do you wait with anticipation for the Second Advent of our Lord? Yes, He IS coming again! Does this fact renew you with spiritual vigor? Does it cause you to live a just and devout life as you look for Messiah’s long-promised return? Like John the Baptist, are you preparing the way of the Lord by sharing the gospel and calling sinners to repentance?

Christian, wait on God with hopeful anticipation, with excitement for what He will do. Renew your mind and ready yourself to run the course our Lord has set for you, praising and glorifying Him as you daily prepare through discipline and devotions.

Wait on the Lord!

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