Pt. 2 To Be or Not To Be—THAT’S the “Vaccination” Question

By: Steve Huston

In yesterday’s article we described many of the problems with the COVID experimental gene-therapy that is being passed off as a safe and effective vaccination. We encouraged those who have decided it’s not for them to continue questioning, to continue standing firm and to encourage others with the truth. We also shared a way in which you can get better informed, stand with kindred minds, and be an encouragement while getting encouraged yourself by going to the Capitol Building steps in Lansing TODAY from 3 PM to 5 PM. Some may not be aware of just how difficult it has already become to stand against this rising tide of forced/coerced vaccinations; this is largely what we hope to cover today. If you haven’t read yesterday’s article you may click here to do so.

It’s important to point out that these articles are not meant to malign or attack those who have taken the vaccine. Some have been deceived by the government propaganda (haven’t we all at some time to some extent?), some were fearful, and still some have taken this shot as an act of compassion for others. Yet, here we are and the truth must be spoken; we must move ahead with eyes wide open, hoping that those who have been vaccinated will see the truth or at least respect our right to choose. After all, we are still friends, neighbors, and members of the community at large.

With global deception and accusations of disinformation from the progressives/Marxists/globalists, it’s vital that we remember the science, math, and truth support the stance we have taken. It’s imperative that we recognize that the law – the Constitution – is on our side and that those who are coming after us are doing so illegally. We must never forget that this is more than simply being cautious of the many inherent dangers of this mostly ineffective experimental gene therapy; we are standing out of love for our neighbor, friends, and children both in means of freedom and in health. So we must continue to stand and face the mounting pressures that you will be reading about below.

Mandates are coming and are already present in many areas. A year ago we were warning that compliance with mask mandates would only embolden them to force people into a vaccine when it was made available. The possibility of losing one’s job is now more than a mental exercise of “what if;” there are those already facing unemployment or un-enrollment if they will not succumb to the “vaccine” mandates issued by the government, healthcare, school, or business one may be affiliated with.

Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel shares a few examples of the many, many crises people are facing as they contact him:

*My daughter is in her fourth year of medical school with $400,000 in debt. She will not be able to graduate without getting this injection.

*I am 2-3 years away from retirement. If I don’t take this shot, I will lose everything: my paycheck, my housing and my retirement.

*A one-income family employed by Veterans Affairs is refusing the jab. They wrote “We are a family of six. … We want to have a backup legal plan in place.” There are more than 400,000 VA employees.

*A large religious hospital with 14,000 employees is denying all “moral objections” as a path for workers to get an exemption to this shot. At this point, 66% of their staff is objecting to taking the injection. They are asking for our help.

*One nurse wrote, “I feel like I have been stripped of my freedom to decide what I do or don’t want to put in my body. … I simply want to work and care for people like I always have without being shamed and not be forced to put something in my body. … I am running out of time.”

*“I’ve been a correctional peace officer for the prison system for 16 years. I’m four years away from retirement, and I absolutely won’t take the vaccine, so I’m afraid I might lose my job over this.”

*“I work for NASA as a federal employee. … I do NOT want to take the vaccine. What should I do?”

Who would have ever believed that an unconstitutional two-tier system, reminiscent of the Nazi regime yellow star patch for Jews would ever come to America—land of the free and home of the brave? Yet vaccine passports/proof of vaccination is more than being talked about; it’s alive and well in New York City and being talked about for other areas as well. FOX Business writes, “New York City residents and visitors will be required to show proof of vaccination for indoor dining, gyms, and shows.” Quoting Mayor Bill de Blasio, “This is a miraculous place, literally filled with wonders. If you’re vaccinated, that’s gonna open up to you, you can open the door. If you’re unvaccinated you will not be able to participate in many things. It’s time for people to see vaccination as necessary to living a good, full, and healthy life.”

It’s already gone far beyond a simple denial of convenient services like restaurants, gyms, and shows; there are those who are being denied life-saving medical treatment because they have refused the COVID shot.

Leo Hohmann shares the troubles about Bernard LaPierre, a 37-year-old father of three young boys who has been waiting two years for a kidney transplant and recently found out his wife appears to be a match.

However, University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center “reportedly refuses to perform his lifesaving transplant unless he first gets the experimental injection. They’ve allowed for no alternative, no number of tests or duration of quarantine as a substitute.”

Mat Staver is providing free legal counsel for LaPierre, stating, “Either this father of three refuses the kidney, and could die, or he takes the jab, and could die—or become disabled.”

For those readers who are thinking, “I might consider it worth the risk; I’m not sure my resolve would hold in a similar situation.” Please take to heart the words that Mr. Staver shares. “This shot has resulted in over a half-million adverse reactions in only seven months. Reported deaths from the shots are now at 11,940. No vaccine or Emergency Use Authorization drug in history compares to the number of adverse events or deaths from the COVID shots.” Reader, hold fast; stand firm.

In yesterday’s article I shared several political interests that would do their best to coerce your choice away from you. Today, allow me to share some who are calling you to choose freedom and stand for liberty as citizens of the United States of America.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) sent out a recent email stating: “A few days ago, Speaker Nancy Pelosi decreed to the members of the House of Representatives that if they walk onto the floor of the House without a mask, she will fine them. Members of Capitol Hill staff could be fined AND jailed. …

“Worst of all, many of these same authorities, both politicians and unelected bureaucrats, are calling for “vaccine passports” for all Americans!

“This policy is just the latest example of the left’s attempts to run all aspects of our lives, which is why we must fight back. We MUST NOTlet Big Government force this onerous burden on the American people!

“Americans must be free to make the decision that is right for them regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Americans have a right to medical privacy, which would be destroyed with mandatory vaccine passports.

“And Americans shouldn’t be discriminated against because of COVID-19 vaccine status.

“Your health decisions are yours to make — not the government’s!”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is both pro-vaccine choice and pro-freedom. Technocracy News and Trends reports Sen. Rand Paul as saying, “Resist. They can’t arrest us all. They can’t keep all your kids home from school. They can’t keep every government building closed – although I’ve got a long list of ones they should.”

Even globally, we who are against vaccine mandates are not alone. This article from Technocracy News and Trends shows how citizens around the globe are rebelling against lockdowns, masks, tracing, and vaccine mandates. More than 160,000 people in France are protesting vaccine passports and in Italy people calling for freedom and chanting “down with the dictatorship.”

Life Site News held a 1 hour and 16 minute conference followed by another 45 minutes of Q&A that hosts a wide gamut of knowledgeable individuals who are truth-tellers and share great concerns regarding the vaccine. Several of these names may be familiar to you. Some of them are: Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Attorney Tom Renz, Immunologist Sucharit Bhakdi (we shared an interview with he and Frank Gaffney in an earlier email), Dr. Vulnek, Dr. Reiner Fullmich, and Dr. Roger Hodkinson are a few of the prominent people you’ll hear in this video.

Things are going to get a lot tougher for those who cling to a set of constitutional ideals that are denied and despised by a government that clings to and pushes forward in its unconstitutional and unbiblical agenda. I encourage you to stand fast; but be sure to be steadfast in the One upon Whom our Constitution is based and from Whom our inalienable rights come from – Jesus Christ. God is our only Hope and we must wait to see what His timing is in all of this; so, be faithful!

We may well feel like Elijah who said, “I, even I only, am left; and they seek my life, to take it away.” Then remember this; after God gave Elijah his marching orders He said, “Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.”

Reader, it’s the human condition to cry, “Woe is me” and feel like we stand alone. So I remind you to stand with Christ. Be sure to follow the admonitions of Paul: “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” “Stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught; whether by word, or our epistle.” “Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus.” For when you follow these admonitions you can be sure to have Paul’s confidence as he proclaimed, “No man stood with me, but all men forsook me…notwithstanding the Lord stood with me, and strengthened me…and I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion. And the Lord shall deliver me from every evil work, and will preserve me unto his heavenly kingdom: to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.”

I hope to see you at the Lansing Capitol Steps today, August 6 from 3 PM to 5 PM. Until then, and after, watch and pray!

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