Protesting here, there, and everywhere

By: Steve Huston

The Epoch Times reports, “For the fourth consecutive weekend, thousands of demonstrators in France took to the streets to protest against the country’s strict new COVID-19 rules, including a so-called “health pass” that restricts unvaccinated people from entering restaurants, bars, gyms, and other venues.”

Technocracy News & Trends reports, “In India, hundreds of people joined a Freedom Rally to protest COVID lockdowns and mandatory masks, vaccination and COVID testing, with slogans reading: ‘Mandatory vaccination is tyranny;’‘No more lockdowns. It has brought poverty and hunger;’‘Vaccinating cannot guarantee safety of one’s life;’‘WHO says masks are not for healthy people.’”

There have been various protests around the world, including right here in my home state of Michigan. Last Friday, August 6, from 3 PM to 5 PM, an anti-vaccine passport protest was held on the Capitol Steps in Lansing, Michigan. With flags, signs, protesters of all ages and many walks of life, and an abundance of speakers, Michigan wanted its Governor Whitmer to hear their voices. The Epoch Times reported on the protest, in part, saying:

“About 800 protesters gathered Friday afternoon on the grounds outside the Michigan State Capitol to rally against government mandates for vaccinations and masks.

“In a call for residents to push back against the government’s increasingly intrusive health policies and protect Americans’ rights during the pandemic, Tammy Clark, executive director of the conservative group “Stand Up Michigan,” encouraged the audience to let their voices be heard through non-violent civil disobedience.

“‘If we don’t stop this now, we won’t get another chance,’ Clark said. ‘Let’s show the government that the employees of this country will not tolerate this tyranny. We have inalienable rights and we are not going to give them up. We must refuse to comply with the vaccine mandates and forced mask-wearing at all costs. If you lose your job, go out and get another job!’”

Tammy Clark informed the crowd that the purpose of this gathering was to stand against the Democrats that would like to use Michigan as a bellwether; “We’re here to not let that happen. It’s time to get radical.”

Pastor Jason Georges rightly stated that governmental medical mandates are immoral, that government is not God, that we are to obey God rather than man, and that everyone needs to get into a Bible-believing church that is not afraid to preach the Word of God.

Attorney William Wagner pointed us to the Constitution and our legal rights. He started by pointing out that we were there fulfilling our Constitutional rights by redressing grievances. He encouraged people to stand, for each one to go out and find 25 more to stand with us, and to not consent to what in legal terms would be considered assault and battery.

David Vella (MD) spoke of the medical fascism that is running rampant and claimed that Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence, predicted a medical dictatorship. He called mandated vaccinations as “a coerced gene treatment” that violates the Hippocratic Oath, the U.S. Constitution, and the Nuremberg Code.

As the Epoch Times reported, Dr. Vella said, “Renounce fear. Shake off anxiety, follow the science. Stand up and fight for medical freedom. There is no other America out there coming to save us. We must save ourselves. If we do not use the power we have, we will lose it.”

Who graced the steps and capitol lawn on Friday? There were healthcare workers who wondered how they went from heroes to zeroes, seemingly almost overnight; students who didn’t feel it right to be forced into a “vaccination” in order to attend school, parents, pastors, people running for governor, Constitution lovers, and the list goes on. I was able to get a few good pictures; although the drones flying overhead probably got better ones.

There were varying levels of enthusiasm, concern, and spirituality, as well as different thoughts as to how we should stand up against governmental and medical tyranny. I guess that’s part of the beauty of America; we are all different and yet can come together for a common cause, putting those differences behind us. It’s important that we do and that we remember that we are not alone.

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