Nothing to See Here, Folks

By: Bill Johnson

The Trump rally was a rally for a just and fair election. The people knew that if we lose election integrity, we lose our Republic.  And if we lose our Republic, we enter a “new day.”  But the new day is one that portends censorship, the loss of religious liberty, the likelihood that vaccinations will one day be forced upon the citizenry, adherence to whatever the new government deems essential – mandatory masking, social distancing, shutting down small businesses while big box stores (corporations which donate to the DNC) remain open, a continued assault upon free speech (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.)

I was at the Save America March on Wednesday, January 6.  From the moment I decided to go to the march, even though spending 28 hours over a 37-hour timeframe on a bus isn’t much to look forward to, the sense of peace and rest that I had within was affirming.  I knew that I was in God’s will.

When asked “Why are you going?”  My answer was something like this: “I was in a position where I could go.  I wanted to support the President and I wanted to see, feel, and sense what took place rather than just read or hear someone else’s take on it.”  I had very real concerns that the outcome would not be what I and many others wanted:  the decertification of the fraudulent votes and a certification of the legal votes resulting in the re-election of Donald J. Trump to a second term.

Yet realistically, how could we truly expect truth to prevail in the context of what our government has become?  The “fix was in” and it has been for some time now.   “No evidence,” they claimed, of irregularities or of fraud.

It is very disconcerting to now be living in our beleaguered country where one can no longer be assured of justice when victimized by an injustice.   Once we took for granted a fair hearing, that wrong would be adjudicated and punished, no matter how slow the wheels of justice turned.  Now we have hearings (maybe), delays and months of silence and hopes that Hillary,  and/or James Comey will be brought to justice; that Phil Haney’s murderer will be found and held accountable; and what about the unsolved mystery of the murder of Seth Rich on the streets of Washington, DC  and the mass killing of 59 innocent people and the wounding of more than 500  in  a  Las Vegas casino, and what about the fraudulent Dominion computer system used in  third world countries like Venezuela and now regularly used to defraud American elections. Yet, politicians and likely even your representative’s response: “Nothing to see here.”

I say this with great sadness.  Case in point:  With widespread reports and thousands of affidavits to the contrary, our government officials – including the vast majority of our congressman and senators – claimed there was no election fraud, while courts denied hearing cases which sought to bring evidence of fraud.

As I have reported on Facebook and shown pictorially, the Save America March  was massive with everyday Americans gathered, traveling hundreds of miles, to support a President they voted for and, even more importantly, seek to protect our Constitutional Republic and election integrity.  The crowd, though massive, conducted themselves mannerly and with human civility with the American flag and red, white, and blue on full display. One could walk in and through the crowds with no fear.  Some waited for hours with a cold wind in their face yet they held fast.
Then there was the 1.5 mile walk to the Capitol which many did so with enthusiasm and prayerful hope that good things might unfold.

As I was writing this, I received a text message from a board member and friend that accurately describes my take away from the assault upon the Capitol where one was killed and now it has been reported that a DC police officer also died earlier today.

As I stated above, while there were a handful of pro-Trump protestors who engaged in vandalism, the fix was in and that included the tragedy at the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon.  If you’ve followed me this far, you need to make sure you click on this link. This link reveals by word, pictures and a few videos my perspective on what occurred on the inside of the capitol on that afternoon.  I say again the “fix was in.”   Click on the link.

Much more could be said and will be said soon. However, I must say a word about the short speech that outgoing Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell gave.  In short, he threw the millions of people like you and me “under the bus” as he lumped all the protestors together as if they/we were the perpetrators of the evil done inside the U.S. Capitol.   My friends:  I will have much more to say about our Republican Party in the days ahead.  God help us.

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