My Burden as We Head into a New Year

By: Bill Johnson

The notes and sometimes letters that we have received over these years bolster our spirits here at ADA.  This coupled with the financial backing that God has faithfully provided gives us a sense of His love and your love for us through these trying days.

Our desire is not to sugarcoat things.  I am deeply troubled by the high level of wickedness that now dominates our country at the highest levels.  As you well know, evil is ramped up and moving at a breakneck speed.

I’m burdened for you.  I’m burdened for our families, friends, and our churches.   But, I’m burdened, I think, in a good way – in a way that God would want me to be burdened.  I’m burdened over the fast pace of life, the proliferation of cell phones and social media that rob so many of their minds, their thoughts, their affections, etc.  I’m burdened over the mind control of the media, corporate America, socialist infiltrators, and tech kingpins and how even our professional sports and college sports have bowed their knee to critical theory, BLM, Antifa, socialism and the Chinese Communist Party.  I’m also deeply saddened over how readily and completely people, and even loved ones of yours and mine, in many cases have been fooled – stupefied – into trusting in man’s manipulations, i.e. masking, shutdowns and, so much more.

Here is where my heart lies.   It is so human to get carried along by time-wasting, mind-wasting trends via cell phones, idle talk, foolish arguments, fruitless activities in a variety of forms and as parents or grandparents we must not be overseeing households that exemplify such worthlessness – failing to discern the difference between the holy and the unholy.

May God use what I am about to write in your life.  I speak of leading your family into times of family worship together.  It begins with ourselves.

As I have often spoken to individuals and groups, I believe one of the greatest failings of the church has been its failure to teach, to plead with the people of God regarding the importance of daily devotions, of family devotions.  I urge you to give heed to this word and arise.   I select these sentences carefully knowing that moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas are losing their children to lesser things.

[Charles] “Spurgeon clearly remembered his mother tearfully praying over him like this: ‘Lord, Thou knowest if these prayers are not answered in Charles conversion, these very prayers will bear witness against him in the Judgment Day.’   Spurgeon wrote:  ‘The thought that my mother’s prayers would serve as witness against me in the day of judgment sent terror into my heart.’”

“Fathers, use every means to have your children snatched as brands from the burning.  Pray with them, teach them, sing with them, weep over them, admonish them, plead with them and upon their baptism.  Remember that at every family worship you are ushering your children into the very presence of the Most High.”

J.C. Ryle said, ‘I charge you, fathers, take every pain to train your children in the way they should go.  I charge you not merely for the sake of your children’s souls; I charge you for the sake of your own future comfort and peace. Truly your own happiness in great measure depends on it.  Children have caused the saddest tears that man has ever had to shed.’

Such sorrows are heavy enough when fathers have faithfully discharged their duty yet still live with a prodigal son or daughter. But who can bear the reproach of a stinging conscience that condemn us because we never brought them up in the fear of the Lord? What shame to have failed to take seriously the vow we uttered at our children’s baptism or confirmation to raise our children in our confessional doctrines

How much better if we can say: “Son We taught you God’s Word, we wrestled for your soul; we lived a God-fearing example before you.   You didn’t see in us a sinless piety but an unfeigned faith. You know we sought first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Your conscience will bear witness that Christ is the center of this home. We sang together, prayed together, and talked together. If you turn away from this light and these privileges, and insist on going your own way, we can only pray that all your Bible study, praying, and singing will not rise up against you in the Judgment Day and that you will come to your senses before it is too late.”

God is able but even if He doesn’t take us out of our hellish descent, God has a plan for His chosen people in America.  It is not a short-term plan but an eternal plan of life, not death.  “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me.”  My burden, then, is that we get some old-fashioned guts and fight on our spiritual knees.  That we speak with boldness against our collective and individual godlessness and rip off not just those literal, detested masks schemed upon us, but recognize that we are in a much greater fight than covid/masking.  That we fight with faith, heart, and Holy Spirit-empowered vigor against the spiritual masks that we have allowed to stupefy us and dupe us into covering our eyes from God’s Truth   through prayerlessness, churchlessness, unfaithfulness to God’s Word, and then, as fools, have wondered how our country could be ruled by the devil and his minions.

Thank you for being a part of our ministry throughout these years. We hope that you see fit to continue to support us financially and with your prayers.  Your partnership is as important today as perhaps never before.  As God leads, will you help strengthen us for the coming year’s battles? You can support us by visiting our new donation page:

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