Meijer Pride

By: Steve Huston

Going “woke” while falling asleep at the wheel, how else could one describe a corporation that used to pride itself as a family friendly store with low prices that now prides itself on the low morals of embracing the LGBTQ agenda, attacking marriage, the family, and selling politics rather than retail?

In honor of “Pride Month,” Meijer has many things for sale; from The Little Book of Pride: Love is Love to a rainbow can of “House Wine-Limited edition Rose Bubbles” to T-shirts sporting phrases like, “Love Wins,” “He, She, Them,” and “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are – E.E. Cummings” to name a few.

Not being content with making a few bucks off the “PROUD” and “WOKE” crowd, this company decided to use their PA system as an LGBTQ propaganda tool, normalizing and celebrating this lifestyle that is a perversion of what God had intended for His creation and their relationships.

BUT WAIT—like the “Ginsu-knife” commercial—THERE’S MORE!

After all, Meijer has obtained a 100% corporate equality index rating from The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and has received the “BEST places to work for LGBTQ 2020” award; so, shouldn’t we do something special for our LGBTQ employees? Yes, they did. According to one source, the employees were encouraged to wear gay pride shirts to work and are going to be given a “pride party!

All this is under the guise of “diversity” and “inclusion”—you know, EVERYBODY is important; but if that were the case why single out and lift up this one group over another? Why aren’t “straight” employees encouraged to wear “Straight and Proud” shirts to work; where’s their party? We could go on listing various people groups and sexual deviations, but the point is made; it’s “diversity and inclusion” based upon terms of perceived norms which have been socially and recklessly indoctrinated and engineered.   At one time Meijer and its founder would have been mortified to be selling the merchandise they are proudly peddling in honor of June “Pride” month. At the current speed of acceptance and celebration, how long before we can expect to see a “Pedophile Pride” shirt on their racks? The realization that we could ever see that should be very sobering indeed. Realizing the normalization of homosexuality and the hijacking of the rainbow should, today, be very sobering indeed.

Before urging you to action, I need to be very clear about something. This is not about hatred for Meijer or for those caught up in the brokenness of the LGBTQ+ lifestyle. It’s, in part, disappointment with a store that has been turning its back on family values and now perpetuates the lie that PRIDE in sin can make one whole. It’s also, in part, a desire to see hurting individuals find wholeness in Jesus by letting them know that they’ve been deceived and we love them enough to speak the truth into their lives. Let me add that each of us have a brokenness that we deal with, a brokenness that only Jesus can heal. One FaceBook commenter on Meijer’s PRIDE thread wrote, “I just came here to see all the Christian love.” Often misperceived—sometimes for good reason and other times because no one likes to face their own brand of sin—Christians need to make sure that they are showing a love for God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and their neighbor as themselves. That’s why we must neither avoid the issue nor simply react based on feeling.

We urge you to pray and then contact your local Meijer and their corporate office; let them know that this is not only unacceptable but harmful to the community as well. Warn them that it leads to the normalization of other dangers and sins as well. One of our staff went into the local Meijer and spoke with a manager about the issues at hand. Whether a change occurs or not, if they don’t hear from people, they assume that silence is compliance. Go in person to let your voice be heard; or call/email using the contact information below. Remember to speak the truth in love, reminding them that they may choose what they promote but you choose where you spend your money.

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