January 6 is Right Around the Corner! Take Action!

By: Chris Johnson


This Wednesday, America will await the outcome of a normally mundane procedure which occurs every election year: the certification of the Electoral College.

What is the purpose of this procedure, which most often goes completely unrecognized by the voting public? Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for a dishonest election to be recognized and made right.

As of today, a large chunk of American voters believe this election to be completely fraudulent. Unless that suspicion and distrust is dealt with and American citizens can be convinced that their votes actually count, distrust in our government and our fellow Americans will only continue to fester.

Our country cannot move forward under any leadership when half the nation doubts the legitimacy of its leaders.

Therefore, we are encouraging Vice President Pence, and encouraging you to encourage Vice President Pence, not to accept the votes of the states which handled the election so poorly as to allow its citizens to doubt their legitimacy, often violating their own laws in the process.

Here is a link to a petition addressed to the Vice President as well as select members of Congress and the Senate, encouraging them to take a stand against the way so many states handled this election, leaving so many of us in doubt.

The link will take you to a tool built by a visionary patriot who wanted to make it simple for large amounts of people to get their message across to this nation’s leadership using email, petitions, Facebook, and Twitter.

Simply follow the link and click the take action button, then fill out the forms to send email and sign a petition. If you have Facebook and/or Twitter you can send a message from the same page as well.

Now is the time for action, my friends! January 6 is right around the corner!  Click this link: https://freeroots.com/go/make-us-proud and share it with all of your friends!

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