In His Image

By: Chris Johnson


Last October, ADA had the privilege of screening American Family Studios’ powerful new film, “In His Image” in our auditorium. We are now pleased to announce that this hopeful and encouraging movie is available for streaming and on DVD.

“In His Image” is a documentary which gathers the perspectives of pastors, theologians, and de-transitioned transsexuals to celebrate God’s image in humanity, specifically in the way that He designed genders and sexuality.

This is a subject we hear more and more about these days as LGBTQ activists seek to push it to the center of every institution, including the church.

“In His Image” reminds viewers that every person is worthy of dignity and respect as Image Bearers of God while upholding God’s design for humanity.

God made them male and female – and that’s what He called “good.”

Particularly compelling are the testimonies of the several ministry leaders who have come out of the transgender lifestyle. They walk the viewers through the struggles that convinced them they were stuck in the wrong body, how unfulfilling their lives were as they struggled with their identity, and the grace and love of God and family that led them back to compliance with God’s design.

Our audiences found “In His Image” to be helpful and encouraging and we think you will too. We encourage you to order your copy for $10 today by calling us at 231-924-4050 or check it out at We urge you to point others to it as well. Every pastor NEEDS to view this film and should encourage it in his adult and older teen Sunday School classes. It might be particularly helpful to those who have loved ones struggling with this issue, but the truth this movie communicates should be seen by everyone.

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