Capitalism: Woke, Confused, & Communist

By: Lisa Van Houten


We are fast becoming a nation that is no longer governed “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” but rather ruled by the oligarchs of corporate America.  In recent years we’ve seen big business and sports leagues wield their coercive power to bring pressure against the will of the people and their elected representatives to quash everything from bathroom bills that would’ve protected women and girls, to fetal heartbeat bills that would limit abortion.  Using mafia-like tactics, left-leaning corporations and entities such as the NBA, NCAA, and now the MLB have threatened to bring economic harm to states which pass legislation that these leftists don’t like.  “Nice state economy you got here; it’d be a shame if something happened to it.”

The latest to join the growing list of woke tyrants is Major League Baseball (MLB), which pulled the All Star Game from Georgia because of the state’s new election law, which seeks to establish election integrity.  The Triumvirate alliance of Democrats, woke corporations, and the mainstream news media have coordinated a blatantly false narrative labeling Georgia’s new election law as “racist” because it requires Voter ID when voting absentee.  However, a recent poll shows that 77 percent of Americans support Voter IDs, including a majority of black voters.

If the MLB was truly concerned about “racism,” why move the All Star game out of Atlanta where the black population is 51%, to Denver where only 9% of the population is black – taking away an estimated $100 million in lost venue from Atlanta’s black business owners and workers. “This had nothing to do with substance or racial politics, this had everything to do with corporations enlisting in the Democrat vision to transform America,” Sen. Ted Cruz assertsIn actuality, Leftists don’t oppose election reform laws because they think they’re discriminatory, but because they know they will ensure fair elections.  The Georgia law doesn’t suppress voting, but it does suppress cheating– and that’s why Democrats are aligning with woke, leftist corporations to try to squelch such laws.

The rampant corporate hypocrisy we see in this activism, proves that these corporations aren’t concerned with true racism or human rights.  If they were, they wouldn’t continue to be so heavily invested in Communist China, where there are no free elections, and where the Chinese government is enslaving millions of Uyghurs, engaging in organ harvesting, and committing genocide against this minority group.

Yet most of these corporations threatening Georgia over a commonsense election law, have no qualms about profiting from slave labor.  For example, the CEO of the clothing company Patagonia Inc., Ryan Gellert, lambasted the Georgia election law, stating: “I call on fellow CEOs to join in denouncing these attacks on our democracy and to do more than make a corporate statement.”  Yet in 2013, Patagonia released this statement about its factories in China: “We’ve made the choice not to disengage from countries on the basis of their policies.”

Coca-Cola Inc., which has forcefully denounced Georgia’s voting law, actively worked with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and corporations such as Nike and Apple to lobby against a bill that would have banned imported goods made by forced labor in China.  As the Daily Signal remarked: “Coke, Nike, Apple and other companies are so woke that they paid millions of dollars to ensure they can continue to reap the benefits of products made by literal cotton-picking slaves.”

“Woke” is the new secular religion of the Left.  Wokeism is a Marxist movement that seeks to silence all of those who disagree with their ideology through social alienation (cancel culture), intimidation (as with Georgia), and even violence (Antifa and BLM). Its ultimate goal is to dismantle Western culture and the freedom it’s built upon.

“These corporations are part of a movement that has been going on in the West and in this country in particular for the last roughly 100 years to move the culture very consistently and very aggressively to the left in order to more or less make ready the path for the revolution,”says Stephen Soukup, author of “The Dictatorship of Woke Capital: How Political Correctness Captured Big Business.”

In April, 100 of America’s top corporate executives held a summit to strategize ways to bully states which pursue election reform.  As reported by Axios, the CEOs “are threatening to withhold campaign contributions — and to punish states by yanking investments in factories, stadiums and other lucrative projects.”

Dan McLaughlin, writing for the National Review, asks: “At what point does free speech become anti-democratic bullying? At what point is the waging of cultural crusades a dereliction of the duty of corporate managers to the best economic interests of their shareholders? Wherever you draw that line, it should be particularly worrisome when it is done at the behest of the ruling party to attack the integrity of our election system itself to the intended disadvantage of the opposition.

“The president, and his party’s lawyer, are urging multiple major corporations to combine to restrain trade for the purpose of making it harder for its political opposition to win elections, and using lies to restrict the president’s democratically elected critics from passing laws. If we saw this in another country, we would recognize it as a menacing step.  This is happening now, in the United States …”

Corporations, which used to be focused on their financial interests and that of their shareholders, are now focused on pushing an aggressive leftist agenda.  Woke companies, aligned with leftist politicians and the media, seek to control and dictate our laws and our values.  It is an existential threat to American liberty and our representatives and the 74+ million Americans who voted for President Trump need to start pushing back against these corporate bullies.


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