A World Turned Upside-Down

By: Steve Huston

Take two magnets with like polar ends (two north ends or two south ends facing each other) and push them toward one another; what happens? As these magnets are pushed toward each other there is an unseen force that makes them want to repel away from the other. Eventually they come to a point where, if possible, one will turn quickly around and the magnets will accept one another.

We are finding American culture in the midst of a quick, polar-opposite shift. It didn’t happen overnight; but rather over many years of rejecting the authority of God’s Word in the government, society, entertainment, schools, and even to some degree in the church. Combine that with the chaotic upheaval of a so-called pandemic which promulgates fear and moves people to accept whatever they’re told; such a great shift in thinking, believing, and behavior makes our country ready for a great reset. Many are buying the lies and deception that Satan, the evil one, has sown; we are ripe for the picking.

America has shifted from a binary view of gender to a non-binary; it affects our schools, hospitals, entertainment, and is pushed by governmental agencies. In many areas what was once seen as unacceptable is now seen as acceptable; while that which was acceptable and good and right is now viewed with disdain and hatred. There was a day that we allowed God’s Word to define not only good and evil, but terms as well—like marriage, love, sin, sex, and the list goes on; but now we have replaced God’s true definitions with man’s fallible and every-changing definitions. Honorable military training, like just war theory, have been removed from the teaching of those young men and women who desire to serve and protect our country. Without such training, and the indoctrination many of them receive, the likelihood of them becoming pawns against the citizens of America for a rogue government are likely. We’ve lately been witnessing the vilification and demonizing of those who believe in America’s Constitutional Republic form of government, conservative values, Christian values, and those who will not get vaccinated. These kinds of people are called domestic terrorists, violent extremists, and a host of other names that either makes them out to be subhuman or someone to be feared. Our nation has gone from one nation united under God to one nation broken—fragmented.

We used to firmly believe in the discussion of ideas in the public square. That is how we ended up with the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers; articles published in the newspaper for all to read and discuss regarding the, at that time proposed, Constitution of the United States of America. The polar-change that has taken place is best shown by the need for “safe space” and “free speech” zones on college campuses, nearly everything which runs contrary to the politically proposed agenda being called “hate speech,” and even the title of a recent book by Mary Anne Franks, The Cult of the Constitution: our deadly devotion to guns and free speech. Our world has turned upside down.

In a world that has turned upside down it is important that we cling to Christ and His Word; that is the only stable ground we will find.

It used to be popular to be a Christian and there was a day when most would identify themselves as such. We will soon be leaving, if we haven’t already, the day of the nominal Christian. It will cost one something to identify as a Christian in this fast changing world; for the environment is quickly turning hostile toward Christianity. Are you ready to stand in this evil day?

If we are to stand we must be in our Bibles, the only source of truth, seriously rather than sparsely; for deception is rampant, far-reaching, and often difficult to discern. If we are to stand we must watch and pray. Watching demands us to be sober-minded and vigilant. Prayer is communion with God, hearts ready to hear from Him. If we are to stand we must take our relationship with Christ seriously, being willing to walk in His way regardless the cost. If we are to stand we must walk after the Spirit and not after the flesh. If we are to stand we must be willing to die like so many who have come before us throughout the ages, and today around the world as well. We must recognize that it is no strange fiery trial that we face; it has been the normal course of action for those who stand against sin, recognizing death as nothing more than a door to eternity. And what a blessing to recognize that door as one that takes us face to face with our Saviour. O glorious day!

If we do stand we may turn our corner of this upside down world upside down again. In Acts chapter 17 true Christians were accused of turning the world upside down; are you prepared to be such a one?

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