A truly unique opportunity

By: Steve Huston

LGBTQ activists consistently seek to push their agenda to the center of every institution, including the church. As government pushes to mandate its acceptance and exultation, media makes it nearly more normative than what the science really says and schools promote it to the extent that some straight teens feel fearful or bullied if they don’t support it—as recently witnessed in Whitehall.  Children are becoming confused while the Creator’s work and science are denied. In some way, shape, or form, nearly every family is facing hurt or needing guidance in how to lovingly respond to the various sexual issues of our day.That’s why the American Decency Association (ADA) is bringing Michael Perkins to Michigan from July 20-29. Our prayer and hope is to see God’s people get the help they need in dealing with these extremely sensitive issues with love, compassion, and Biblical guidance. As confusing as this can be for some, the Bible is the authority and truth on ALL subjects, including this one.

Since the first time ADA had the privilege of screening American Family Studio’s latest film, “In His Image,” we’ve not only been impressed with its content but with its producer, Michael Perkins, as well. With his humble yet bold stand and commitment to Biblical truth, we can think of no one better suited to present these truths and address the confusion that surrounds terms like “sexual orientation,” doctrinal statements regarding LGBTQ, or its history from the beginning infiltration into the church to the contemporary Revoice movement. This man of God is well-studied, prayerfully prepared, and desires nothing more than to be the mouthpiece of Truth.

Having heard Michael speak several times, it’s no wonder that his documentary is accurate and knowledgeable while addressing these sensitive issues with Biblical soundness and showing Christian love and compassion; after all, that is the heart of this man. He firmly believes that every person is worthy of dignity and respect as Image Bearers of God while upholding God’s design for human sexuality. The church should be leading the way in like manner.

Michael brings great understanding to the issues at hand, sober-mindedly, humbly, letting truth stand in its own strength.

We urge you to please:  1) Pray for these events, the devil would rather that confusion continue than redemption take place. 2) Attend these events if at all possible, inviting friends and family. 3) Share the In His Image link with your pastor and others, encouraging your pastor to consider inviting Michael for one of the open dates.

Currently, here are the dates and venues of Michael’s speaking tour:

July 20: Beaverton Church of the Nazarene (6:30 PM – 8 PM)

July 21: Alanson Nazarene Church(6:30 PM – 8 PM)

July 22: Whitehall (TENTATIVE)

July 23: American Decency Association (TBA) – Mini-conference

July 24: American Decency Association (TBA) – Mini-conference

July 25: Dutton URC(11 AM- 11:45 AM—Sunday School)

July 26: Available at this time

July 27: Available at this time

July 28: Available at this time

July 29: Available at this time

Find a location nearest you and plan to attend; bring several others with you. Don’t miss out on this unique, informative, and Biblically sound opportunity.

To keep informed of where Michael will be speaking keep your eyes open for our email alerts. If you’d like to schedule Michael for a speaking event contact us.Either call 231-924-4050 or email Kimberly@americandecency.org.

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