Stephen Black is Back!

By: Steve Huston

One of the hardest-hitting satanic attacks on the church and on Scripture today is the notion that “Gay Christianity” is a valid position that should be accepted and even embraced. Stephen Black of First Stone Ministries addresses this deception with truth and grace better than any other I’ve heard. His passion for Jesus and truth is well-balanced by the grace he has received from Christ and freely passes on to others. We were blessed to have him here in October and feel doubly so to have him back with us in December.

The crowds were small during his previous presentations BUT THE RESPONSE WAS BIG! With compulsion from Christ’s love within and a compassionate desire to reach out and help those caught up in this deception (many within their own families), those Christians in attendance were moved by Stephen’s messaging, were very grateful for the opportunity to hear him, and took advantage of the free resources made available to them. Many expressed deep gratitude and some wondered why they weren’t hearing such messaging coming from their own church.

Don’t miss out on these next opportunities to be blessed by God through His servant Stephen Black. Attend one of the following meetings if at all possible. Invite friends and family. Let your pastor know of the Thursday, December 2 luncheon and encourage him to attend.

Wednesday, December 1

Cornerstone United Reform Church
6442 36th Avenue, Hudsonville
Presentations: 7 PM – 8:30 PM

Thursday, December 2

Dutton United Reformed Church
6950 Hanna Lake Ave SE, Caledonia
*Pastor’s Luncheon: 12 – 1PM
*General Audience: 7 – 9 PM

If you’re a pastor and would like to attend the pastor’s luncheon, call 231-924-4050 for more information.

Friday, December 3

American Decency
203 E Main Street, Fremont
Showing “In His Image” and Q/A with Stephen Black
6:30 – 9:30 PM

Stephen’s messaging comes from Scripture, personal transformation through encountering Jesus Christ, and the freedom that comes from daily suffering, dying to self, and yielding to Christ.

“[G]race requires a soul to walk out a lifestyle of confession and repentance from sin in the pursuit of a clear conscience from sexual immorality.” By the transformative power of Jesus Christ “one can enjoy freedom from driving homosexual temptation and the pounding desires of same-sex lust, which many call same-sex attraction.” (From Stephen’s book FREEDOM REALIZED)

Laura Perry, who  Christ  saved  out  of  transgenderism, will  be  accompanying  Stephen  at  some of these events.

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