Zach Lahring Standing for the Constitution in Muskegon County

By: Bill Johnson

Zach Lahring, in addition to being a husband and father, is also a Muskegon County Commissioner.  Lest you think that completes his important role, add to that that he is a construction superintendent and a local beef farmer.

Zach attended Muskegon Community College where he was certified for structural welding.  Lahring served in the U.S. Army as a combat engineer and founded Last Call Ministries, a designated driver ministry to prevent drunk driving and sexual assault.

Prior to Election Day (2018), Lahring identified his top three priorities for the county: Remove Planned Parenthood from the Muskegon County Health Department and public schools, free the county from excessive taxation and burdensome regulation, and “restore liberty.”

Zach has made a considerable impact in his short term as a county commissioner.  Below are two major political stands that he has taken.

First, Lahring pushed the commission to vote against continuing a lease for Planned Parenthood, which had been leasing space from Muskegon County.  It was an amazing victory as many local citizens came together in large number in support of Zach’s proposal at a key commissioner’s meeting, with many speaking up.

More recently, Zach has challenged Muskegon County’s decision to be a so-called “Welcoming Community” which often sets the stage to becoming a sanctuary community for illegal immigration.  He has stood faithfully and solidly in his efforts to have Muskegon County officials cooperate with ICE and to push against illegal immigration.

Zach’s campaign slogan has been, “Make Muskegon Great Again”.  Some have said that he has followed the Trump school of political organizing.  One thing is for sure – Zach Lahring has a strong love for America, his community, family, nation, and God.

Zach will be speaking on a variety of subjects, but particularly in relationship to Covid19 and its societal/international implications, i.e. the assault upon freedom, safety, the shutdown, the economic degradation, the freedom of religion and speech.

Zach will join Bill Johnson, President of American Decency Association, for an online Zoom event this Thursday at 1:00 PM EST.  Join us online or by phone for Zach’s presentation and plenty of opportunity for a period of question and answer. 

If interested, email kimberly@americandecency.orgto receive a Zoom invitation.

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