REMINDER-watch Kevin Freeman LIVE!-TODAY!!!

By: Bill Johnson

Many read our email yesterday encouraging them to attend the LIVE Economic War Room event: “7 Steps to Restarting the Economy NOW!” At that time we were not aware of when it would air. Set your reminder alarms; be ready to watch Kevin Freeman talk about this very important and essential topic at 2 PM (EST).  This is being described as their most important show to date—DO NOT MISS OUT!

To learn more about it, click here and read yesterday’s email alert.

(From Kevin Freeman’s email) The stakes have never been greater. If our economy does not open soon we risk more than our civil liberties, we risk our economy, our very existence as a nation, the whole idea of Western Civilization.

ALERT: While we are locked in our homes The Chinese Communist Party is in full advance. Beijing is preparing to use this Pandemic crisis to advance China’s economic strategy against us. China wants our business, our industries and your job. It is critical America understands what is really happening with this Pandemic.

See what America needs to be doing now. Smart ways to reopen the economy and minimize the health risk.  It will be available on our YouTube channeland on Facebook Live.It will be focused exclusively on How to Reopen the Economy Now (or as soon as humanly possible).

This is SO very important. Join us and encourage others to do so to—2 PM (EST)

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