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By: Bill Johnson


Many of you already know what a godly man Kevin Freeman is, one who is a wealth of information and wisdom. He’s not given to exaggeration and he is highly regarded by other truth-tellers like Frank Gaffney. Time is short so let me cut to the quick!I am urging you to watch and please encourage others to watch this important episode of Economic War Room with Kevin Freeman TOMORROW!

Here are Kevin Freeman’s own words:

Tuesday, April 14, we will air a Livestream Special that may be the most important episode of the Economic War Room we have ever aired. It will be available on our YouTube channel and also Facebook Live. It will be focused exclusively on How to Reopen the Economy Now (or as soon as humanly possible). Of course there should be precautions taken and good practices applied. Of course, the most vulnerable should be sheltered. But the simple fact is that without a change in course soon, the United States, indeed the whole world, is in peril. This is an existential threat to Western Civilization.

That is not an overstatement. Certainly we can last a while longer in our homes, sheltering in place. But as time progresses, the damage is cumulative and edges toward irreversible. The Free World is without question at stake.

If you’ve been a regular reader of this Blog, you know that China is willing to sacrifice whatever required to win this economic warYou know of the atrocities committed thereYou know of the Intellectual Property TheftYou know of the lies regarding the origin of the virusAnd you no doubt question the official statistics coming from China and wonder just how the virus may have been contained if indeed it ever was.

The truth is that the Coronavirus is the short-term threat, but China is fully prepared to take advantage of it. They are happy to reopen their economy with the hope of global advantage. From Josh Rogin in the Washington Post on March 16:

In Washington, there’s a lot of talk about how the coronavirus crisis could increase the push for more economic decoupling with China. But the Chinese government is thinking about it in exactly the opposite way. Beijing is preparing to use the crisis to advance China’s economic strategy against us. We better start taking notice…Now, several Chinese government agencies and officials are talking publicly about how China can take advantage of being the first country to start recovering from the novel coronavirus (because it was the first country to contract it) to take over the industries of the future.

“They have a post-virus strategy, and it is already underway,” said Nate Picarsic, co-founder of Horizon Advisory, a consultancy that tracks Chinese government and economic activity. Horizon issued a new report Sunday, drawn from official Chinese government and media sources, that spells out how Beijing is planning to use the downturn in Western economies to its benefit. China intends to seek out more foreign direct investment, seize market share in critical industries and try to stop the West from confronting its bad behavior.

Even without China’s opportunism, we’d face a tough battle in the aftermath of a pandemic. But we are in a global economic war and we have shuttered our economy. Here’s the hopeful news:  WE CAN STILL WIN!


We celebrate Resurrection Sunday this (last)weekend and should use it to cry out to God for mercy in repentance of our arrogance and sin and then get back to work next week! If you recall the Passion that took place nearly 2000 years ago, Jesus was crucified on Friday, truly the Darkest Hour of all time. The good news? He rose again on Sunday. And that’s something to celebrate!


Now is the time to face what may be this generation’s Darkest Hour. With the help of God Almighty, our repentance, and the steadfastness of our hearts, we can enjoy victory as well.

As Kevin stated above, he believes this may be the most important episode they’ve aired to date. That’s why he is making it available for FREE to watch TOMORROW!  So don’t miss out; sign up for a reminder by clicking here and sign up for the free battle plans.

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