Mass Michigan Response to Governor’s Overreach

By: Steve Huston

Today (4/15), Bill and Chris Johnson took to the roads to join masses of other drivers in Lansing, to make a point and send a message to Governor Whitmer, en masse. As the governor has gridlocked Michigan’s economy and freedoms, so a host of Michiganders decided to gridlock the capitol. To see some of this amazing solidarity in legal peaceful assembly click here. Bill Johnson has reported that the air is filled with the sounds of horns and enthusiasm. You won’t want to miss out on a short report he will give on tomorrow’s zoom meeting—join us.

Many of you have been zooming in on Thursdays at 1 PM (EST) for what have become our regular zoom meetings. This Thursday (4/16) at 1 PM (EST) will be no exception. We will be zooming again and we trust that you will continue to faithfully join us, urging your friends and family to do so as well. This Thursday, American Decency is excited and grateful to bring Professor William Wagner to our zoom viewers. Join us as this great legal and constitutional mind talks to us about government overreach and our Constitution.

Who is William Wagner? Chris Johnson aptly described Mr. Wagner in Monday’s email alert this way: “From a legal standpoint, there is probably no one more qualified to address the orders lately given by Michigan Governor Whitmer – orders that have raised an outcry against authoritarianism and overreach. By God’s grace, Wagner is also qualified to speak from a spiritual perspective. As the president of Salt and Light Global, William Wagner has a history of standing up for Biblical standards and religious liberty. He is a devoted Christian and legal scholar.” To learn more about Will and what he’s done read Monday’s email alert here.

Sandy Rios opened her program this morning (4/15) by interviewing Mr. Wagner regarding this all-important topic. Click here for a taste of what you can expect tomorrow (4/16) as Bill Johnson and William Wagner talk about this issue of government overreach and what we can do about it.

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Plan to join us and invite your family and friends. None of you will want to miss out on this unique opportunity!

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