Join us online for the National Day of Prayer

By: Steve Huston

WE NEED TO PRAY! I urge you to spend much time in prayer for our nation.  I hope you will join us via Zoom for the National Day of Prayer tomorrow (Thursday, May 7) at Noon.   Let us unite together as we come to the Throne of Grace to seek God’s help in time of trouble.

Here is the Zoom link you can use:

If you are not able to go online, you can join us via phone by calling 1-312-626-6799
Meeting ID: 848 7214 4717
Password: 076311

National Day of Prayer
Thursday, May 7, 2020 at Noon

A Call to Prayer:
Bill Johnson, President of American Decency Association

Responsive Reading:
Prayer for the President of the United States

Prayer against lawlessness and human incivility:
Steve Huston, American Decency Association staff writer

Prayer regarding social media,media in general, and “We the People”:
Steve Ensley, President of American Family Online

Responsive Reading:
For Discernment and emboldenment for the church
Open opportunity for prayer-

Prayer for repentance and holiness and for salvation for God’s mercy:
Paul Saxton, former pastor and former head of

Closing song: “Heal our Land”
Robert Azkoul, noted pianist, inspirational choir director, former school principal, tour guide leader

Those participating

Bill Johnson
Steve Huston
Steve Ensley
Paul Saxton
Bob Azkoul

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