Encourage the Michigan Legislature to Stand Up Against a Fraudulent Vote!

By: Bill Johnson


Friends, we know there was fishy business going on election night in the various ballot counting stations across the country, particularly in liberal, metropolitan centers in swing states, and including in Detroit.

We are writing today to ask you to help us encourage the Michigan legislature not to sign off on votes that we have very good reason to believe are fraudulent.  Click here to send a letter to all Michigan GOP Legislators.

Reasons include the following (which are included in the letter we are asking you to send them):

Voter turnout in precincts was an all-time high, and in many cases exceeded the number of people in precincts in Detroit and other areas.

Lack of signature match on the ballots eliminates the ability to confirm they are real voters. 

Rejection of ballots was at an all time low.  Traditionally, about 3 percent of all mail in ballots are rejected.  This year, in key battleground states, the numbers are too low to be considered true:

In Michigan, a reported 5.5 million ballots were cast, and a little over 15,000 rejected.  That’s a rejection rate of approximately .27%, with little ability to verify signatures or check the identification of the voters.

Numerous witnesses across state lines who talked about “pristine ballots” being found in the wee hours of the morning. In Detroit, we have numerous witnesses (including independent and democrats) who testified about a truck with “Biden only” ballots arriving at 4 am.

A Wayne County (Detroit, MI) Election worker testified that she and her colleagues were instructed to falsify dates on mail in ballots.

Dominion Contractor talked about fraud in TCF Center.  While she was there for 27 hours, there were batches being run 8-10 times – not a single vote for Trump and all for Biden. 

Our system of government hangs on the integrity of our voting system. If we cannot trust that votes are counted honestly, how can we expect to be represented rather than ruled?

Please follow this link to send a letter to all Michigan GOP Legislators, urging them to stand for election integrity! Let the Michigan Legislators know that you expect them to do the right thing.

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