American Decency’s Maiden Voyage with Zoom

By: Steve Huston

Last Thursday (4/2/20) at 1 PM, American Decency Association held their first Zoom conference event; what an information-packed blessing it was. Here is a short recap highlighting some of Bill Johnson and Curtis Bowers’ discussion.

What motivated Curtis to produce the AGENDA documentary films? He saw what was happening to his country and wanted to know if it was on purpose or if it was just the natural course of political-cultural events in a nation’s timeline. He saw that it was on purpose with a definite agenda to bring America to ruin; so he did what he could to inform others. He believes that his films are much more powerful today than they were when he first produced and released them.

Bill shared an interview between Frank Gaffney and Kevin Freeman discussing the economic damages that are done by a biological weapon and statements by George Soros. Then Curtis, with his vast knowledge of communism and history, shared his thoughts on the interview. In his response, he warns that we need to be alert now. He included how China has always been at war with us and how we have foolishly put ourselves, pharmaceutically—for one, at their mercy. He also reminded us that “Communism has one goal—world domination. There is no other goal, no other agenda.” A second section of the Frank Gaffney interview was also played; it was on the topic of Larry Fink, and his Leftist ideals, being promoted to a position on the “Trump team” regarding the stimulus funds and their allocation. Listen to the link provided at the end of this email to learn more.

Curtis reminded us that “a communist doesn’t get side-tracked.” He then shared the following quote from a communist:

There is one thing in which I am dead earnest, and that is the communist cause. It is my life, my business, my religion, my hobby, my sweetheart, my wife and mistress, my bread and meat. I work at it in the day time and I dream of it at night. Its hold on me grows, not lessens, as time goes on. Therefore, I cannot carry on a friendship, a love affair, or even a conversation without relating to this force which both drives and guides my life. I evaluate people, books, ideas, and actions according to how they affect the communist cause, and by their attitudes toward it. I’ve already been in jail because of my ideas and if necessary I’m ready to go before a firing squad.

After the above quote, Curtis asked the questions that I had been thinking while listening to it: “Are you committed to American principles, Biblical principles like that?” We need to get serious about the truth. The enemy has a greater commitment to their cause than we have to the truth.

Another topic which received considerable time was the fact that the American church has a big lack of discernment. We excuse sin in our entertainment choices; church shepherds preach meaningless sermons—no real-life application. We need discernment to protect our families and neighbors.

Bill and Curtis talked about Curtis’ new podcast called “Faith, Family, and Freedom with Curtis Bowers.” His first podcast was on Chick-fil-A and he spoke on that. His next podcast is on the coronavirus—separating fact from fiction. You can listen to it here.

As we came to the end of our Zoom meeting, Curtis gave us an exhortation to holiness, saying,You cannot disobey God without huge consequences.There is no such thing as a little disobedience. Let each of us ask, “God, is there anywhere that I am not obeying fully?” The cleaner we are in thought, word, or deed, the more God will withhold his judgment.

There is much more to hear; but let me share one more important concept that Curtis shared, one which I am constantly putting before my family. It’s the idea of generational thinking!

Whether you missed this interview or attended, you’ll want to click on this link and be encouraged by our first Zoom broadcast event. This was such a wonderful “maiden voyage” for American Decency Zoom conferences; praise God from whom all blessings flow. Thank you all who attended and/or prayed for this event

Even as we opened and closed this session in prayer, we strongly urge you to be praying for those in authority, for Curtis Bowers, for the American Decency Association, and for each other. Pray that Christ would be magnified, God would be glorified, and His name be praised throughout these difficult days. May America be led to repentance and revival.

If you were in attendance last Thursday (4/2/20), you know that you’ll want to Zoom in again this Thursday (4/9) at 1 PM (EST) for another conversation with Bill and Curtis. If you missed out last Thursday, don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to hear Bill and Curtis discuss the COVID-19 crisis among other important and interesting topics.

Some things we will look at are: 

– Where did this come from?
– Precautions we should take
– America’s CDC and little known facts
– How are the numbers being skewed?
– How are we being manipulated and used?
– What we don’t know?
– President’s handling of the COVID-19 Crisis

Email to let us know that you are interested and we will email a link for this Thursday’s (4/9) Zoom conference at 1 PM (EST). Let your friends and family members know about it too!

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