Wal-Mart Woes

By: American Decency Staff


Wal-Mart hasn’t been neutral in the culture wars for years now, having received a  perfect 100 score from Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) Corporate Equality Index, the group’s annual ranking of companies’ workplace protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.

While much of Walmart's support of the LGBT community has been behind the scenes, they’ve recently come out with an ad called “Love is in the aisle”—a dating show at Wal-Mart. In their second episode, there are two homosexual men who are on a “shopping date,” trying to find out if “love is in the aisle.” Click here to see the 2 minute episode which plays on Facebook.

This is an active step by Wal-Mart, in promoting homosexuality as a natural and accepted relationship, one which directly contradicts God’s view on the matter. Marriage, according to the Word of God, is solely between a man and a woman in covenant with God forever. This is a sacred union and is used by God as the building block of any society. When these blocks crumble, so does the society which has been laid on that foundation. We’ve been watching the crumble of our families and the falling apart of our society as we have made ourselves the standard rather than setting the Word of God as the bar by which we measure ourselves.

We urge you to sign American Family Association’s (AFA) petition asking Wal-Mart to remove the pro-homosexual video which they have produced and set before the eyes of the public. Click here and sign.

After signing, pray for our nation, its people, and that the building blocks of our society would undergo a Divine healing and turning back to God.

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