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There is a lady who stands in New York’s Harbor with her arm raised heavenward; an inscription at her base reads, in part: “Give me…your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Meanwhile, within her state’s borders, there are children who still occupy the womb simply yearning to breathe

Tuesday, the New York State Legislature passed a bill (38-28) that makes it legal for doctors and other healthcare professionals—like midwives and physician assistants—to perform abortions up to birth for any reason. At the passing of this most radical abortion bill, the state Senate chamber broke out in thunderous applauseIt’s unimaginable that such a bill could be passed in this country and it’s unimaginable that a group of American lawmakers would applaud the willful murder of their youngest constituents. They should be a voice for all they’ve been elected to represent—especially those who have no voice. 

Although unimaginable and unthinkable, it still should come as no surprise as we have witnessed the progressive push of death on all fronts. “In the flood of the loss of humanness in our age—including the flow from abortion-on-demand to infanticide and on to euthanasia—the only thing that can stem this tide is the certainty of the absolute uniqueness and value of people. And the only thing which gives us this is the knowledge that people are made in the image of God.” (Francis Schaeffer and C. Everett Koop; Whatever Happened to the Human Race? Exposing our rapid yet subtle loss of human rights; 1979) 

How long before the “flood of the loss of humanness” flows from “abortion up to birth” to “after-birth abortion.” Again, it’s unimaginable; but there are those who propose such atrocities. In referring to The Journal of Medical Ethics, Albert Mohler writes in The Christian Post. “The argument put forth in their article bears a haunting resemblance to the proposal advocated by Dr. Peter Singer of Princeton University, who has argued that the killing of a newborn baby, known as infanticide, should be allowable up to the point that the child develops some ability to communicate and to anticipate the future.” 

Not all New Yorkers have lost their sensibilities or moral compass. The Book Scout, a local used book store in Syracuse, NY run by Jon Speed, shut down today for mourning the recent passing of abortion legislation in New York. This is the sign he posted on the window of his shop: “CLOSED TODAY. Today is a day of mourning in New York State. We will not collect sales tax today for a tyrannical government that murders babies. We will resume regular business tomorrow, collecting sales tax under duress. End Abortion Now.” 

This man’s stand is great; and if I lived in Syracuse, I would buy from him. There is a cost to what he is doing; are we willing to take a stand regardless the cost that may come our way? Is it too late to stem the tide of death which, like a tsunami, has uprooted us and blown us far from our foundations? 

How long will the Lord allow such incredible evil? How long before America's cup of iniquity is full? Oh that God would bring awakening to this gospel hardened land and revival to the Church! ALL FOR HIS GLORY! 

In Whatever Happened to the Human Race, Schaeffer and Koop call each of us as individuals to do our part in stopping the “inhuman drift.” Their solution can be summarized in three main points. 

1.     Evangelize: “With Christ as Savior and Lord, we must do all we can to lead others to Christ.”

2.     Stand for justice and against lawlessness: Thinking and acting Biblically “as citizens in relation to our government and its laws.” “And simultaneously we must use every constitutional practice to offset the rise of authoritarian governments and the loss of humanness in our society.”

3.     Be an example: “We ourselves must act humanly, even when it is costly.” 

We must take a stand motivated by our love for Christ and love for all—because they are made in the image of God. “If we do not take a stand here and now, we certainly cannot lay any claim to being the salt of the earth in our generation. We are neither preserving moral values and the dignity of the individual nor showing compassion for our fellow human beings.” (Shaeffer/Koop) 

Will future generations look back on us and say that we stood, having done all to stand in this evil day? Will our children and grandchildren look back and see what it is to be a real Christian—standing and walking by faith, in the Lordship of Christ? Or will we “be merely swept along with the trends—our own moral values becoming increasingly befuddled, our own apathy reflecting the apathy of the world around us, our own inactivity sharing the inertia of the masses around us, our own leadership becoming soft?

This is much more than the abortion issue; it’s more than the LGBTQ issues; it’s more than denominations; it’s more than you and me. The culture is coming strongly against us and we must count the cost. Will we stand or will we cower in a corner waiting for whatever may befall? The American Decency Association, by the grace of God, desires to stand firmly and boldly for life, decency, and holiness, always pointing to Jesus. We do this because, as Schaeffer and Koop end their book: 

It is God’s life-changing power that is able to touch every individual, who then has a responsibility to touch the world around him with the absolutes found in the Bible. In the end we must realize that the tide of humanism, with its loss of humanness, is not merely a cultural ill, but a spiritual ill that Christ alone can cure.” 

We implore those of you who are Christians to stand with us—in the armor of God—having done all to stand. Pray that the evil which presents itself without embarrassment and shame will do two things: 1) Bring you brokenness and burden. 2) Bring you to a boldness to stand in the power and strength of our Lord.

Pray for us as we pray for you.

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