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By: American Decency Staff


I repent for the lies that we have believed as far as who we are. Lord, we bought into the lie that you didn’t create us good enough, that we should have been something else. I ask you to continue to drop the scales from the eyes of those who live in the deception of who they are, and let them see how they are created in your image, and that you do not make mistakes. I ask you to call them out of that lifestyle, call them out of that deception.”

Standing in our nation’s Capitol Rotunda building, this was the prayer of a woman who had lived as a “man” for many years, but has now been restored to her true identity. This prayer and many others came from a group of individuals who no longer choose to identify with their sin; but instead, now, they choose to identify with their Savior, Jesus Christ. Instead of being overtaken by their lusts, they are now overtaken, overwhelmed, and constrained by the love of Christ. This should be the norm for every born-again believer.

Yes, these individuals formerly identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender; but now each one isa new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. (II Cor. 5:17)” These fifteen “formers” (those formerly identifying as LGBT) are from two organizations in California—“United Church” and “Changed.” They came to Washington D.C. to lobby against H.R. 5 (aka the Equality Act) and H.R. 3570, (aka the Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act), by telling how they found healing and fulfillment by rejecting the lies of the LGBT ideology and turning to Christ.

Although accused by NBC of descending “upon D.C. to lobby against LGBTQ rights,” they really came to protect the rights of “formers” and the rights of those who would yet escape the deceptive and unbiblical thinking that has ensnared the minds of the LGBTQ community.

The NBC article describes HR 5 and HR 3570 respectively:

The Equality Act, if passed, would update federal civil rights legislation to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing, public accommodations, jury service, education and federal programs. The Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act would classify conversion therapy — a medically debunked practice of trying to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity — in exchange for monetary compensation as a fraudulent practice.”

These “formers” have a different view than NBC of these two bills. Quoting from the above article:

Dealing with HR 5:

“They’re asking for certain rights in this legislation (HR 5), but these are rights that they already have.” (Kathy Grace Duncan who formerly identified as a transgender man)

“Jim Domen, founder of Church United, identifies as formerly gay. He said, ‘Sexual behavior should not be a protected right.’”

“The Equality Act treats sexual preference as an elevated class and would strip people of religious freedom.”

“Domen added that unlike African Americans, who are among those protected against discrimination through federal civil rights law, LGBTQ people have not been subjected to systemic discrimination and abuse. This, he said, is evidenced by the fact that gays have achieved clout and success as scientists, authors and politicians.”

As for HR 3570:

“Domen and Duncan claim that sexual orientation and gender identity are choices, and individuals displeased with their current status can “overcome” it through therapy and religious support.”

“The two said they’re specifically against H.R. 3570 because the bill insinuates that it’s harmful for people to seek therapy to ‘overcome’ their sexual orientation or gender identity, thus undermining the very existence of ‘formers.’”

“In discipleship programs like the ones I’ve participated in," he added, "we’ve looked at the root issue — ‘Why are you living like that?’ — and we’ve provided community and accountability against temptation.”

Any of the above would make good talking points when discussing these issues with others.When we are in a discussion it’s important to remember that we’re spreading salt into brokenness and shedding light into darkness; that naturally causes discomfort—it hurts. We mustn’t find ourselves arguing; but rather, we are to be compassionate agents of truth. “A soft answer turns away wrath…” (Prov. 15:1)

A time of prayer and singing took place after U.S. House members Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) and Louie Gohmert (R-TX)—both pro-life champions and defenders of religious liberty—took the group on a tour of the Capitol Rotunda building. Be encouraged by this group of “formers,” as you read some of the other prayers that they offered up to God in this seat of government. (reported by LIFE SITE NEWS)

“We repent on behalf of our country for the sins of arrogance, for the sins of sexual deviancy, for the sins that have led us to the place where we are today.”

“We repent for the sin of homosexuality. We repent for our part in it. We ask that you would forgive our nation for this. We ask you to hold back any judgment, and that you would hear our prayers and have mercy on us.”

“You created us male and female. You created us in Your Image. You have created man to find a wife and that is a good thing. We pray that the truth be revealed to those who have bought into the lies and deception. We pray that you remove the curtain of deception.” 

“Lord, we understand that those who hold other positions are not our enemy. We all have but one enemy.”

I urge you to do two things:

First, join these fellow Christians in praying that the Light of Jesus would dispel the darkness of deception, that those who are bound by sin would be set free, and that God would bring a great awakening across the land of America.

Secondly, pray that God will give you a heart which reflects His love and compassion for those who are, perhaps, broken in a different way than you. Pray that God will use you as an agent of Truth, bringing healing to brokenness. Might we truly be able to say as Jim Domen did as NBC closed their article:

“Members of Changed ‘love LGBTQ people’ and that his ‘heart breaks’ when he hears they’ve been hurt.”

Only in Christ can we offer hope and healing to a broken world. Neither silence nor condoning of sin will help; we must speak the truth of Christ and His holiness—His offer of grace and healing—into the situations which surround us. As we live out our True Identities in Him, may it be a catalyst for others to find their True Identity as well.

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