Shortening the Long Arm of the Law?

By: American Decency Staff

Can you imagine forcing the police to do their job without guns? That makes as much sense as the proverbial “bringing a knife to a gunfight.” In a nation who’s constitutional Second Amendment guarantees the right of its citizens to bear arms, it would be insanity for federal or local politicians to ask police officers to do their job unarmed when 320 million people own an estimated 265 million guns (according to a 2015 survey).

I remember some time ago watching, by video, an unarmed police force in the United Kingdom attempting to handle very violent mobs in the street. I wondered if such insanity would ever come to the US. I quickly dismissed the idea as being ludicrous, thinking, “THAT could never happen here.”

File this under “Never being surprised at being proven wrong by liberals.”

While the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees the right for its citizens to bear arms, one councilwoman in Vermont would like to bare her city’s police of their arms.

That’s right, if Burlington, Vermont’s self-described “progressive Democrat” councilwoman, Perri Freeman, had her way, their local police force would become unarmed. She insisted that it makes sense because some foreign nations don’t arm their police and it’s the “progressive” thing to do. Never mind that the number of guns in those countries are much sparser than in America.

Thankfully, neither Burlington’s mayor nor the head of its police union think it’s a good idea. Mayor Miro Weinberger said, “I think it’s really quite unrealistic to think they can do their job effectively and be safe themselves and keep the public safe if they were to be disarmed. My sense is this is an idea that is really out of touch with the reality that the men and women of the Burlington Police Department face as they work every day to keep the city safe.”

Although it’s true that some nations don’t arm their police for regular duty, it doesn’t mean that some wouldn’t wish to be armed. And of those that prefer not to be armed, some would definitely line up for a gun if they were doing police work in America. One former London police officer wrote this in 2016: “it does make a lot more sense for every officer to be armed in the U.S. since so many citizens are armed in the U.S. London, as a whole, had 114 homicides and 1,662 gun crimes last year, in a population of 8.63 million. It's not even fair to compare.”

He went on to say, “Basically, it comes down to the fact that our conflicts so very rarely involve firearms that we simply don't need them. If I knew every drunk or crackhead I stopped to search had a concealed carry, I would be the first in the queue at the armorers.” (Although an interesting take on police work in London, be warned that the referenced article has crude language if you decide to click on the above link)

Back here “across the pond” at home, we have American laws to govern American people on American soil because our American history and its effects on our contemporary American times are unique. Unfortunately there are many politicians at every level of government who have been bitten by the globalist bug and want to be like everyone else. The gun issue is just one of many and we need to work hard at protecting all of our rights, all of our laws, and all of our people.

As Federal and local politicians push to redefine our Constitutional rights, we witness a culture bent on ideas that run from the silly to the inane—from mislabeling Biblical truth as “hate” speech (let’s get rid of the First Amendment because you don’t agree with me) to expecting gun-less police to keep us safe from actual violent gun wielding criminals (Let’s get rid of the Second Amendment so you’re easier to control).

If the police are unarmed, it makes more sense to unarm you. Wake up to what’s happening around you; become involved and/or have a voice in local politics.

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