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By: American Decency Staff


Perhaps some of our readers have seen the video footage or read stories which have resurfaced regarding an undercover video in which an abortion clinic worker gives a potential “client” horrifying advice. How could anyone watch or read the following advice and not be appalled?

The clinic worker assures the client that if things don’t go according to plan, “they will put a born-alive baby in a jar of ‘solution’ to drown her.” The undercover “client,” in seeking an abortion at 23 weeks, was told that it’s a two day process. She asked what would happen if, while at home after the first day, she would give birth to a living baby. The abortion clinic’s worker told her, “If it comes out, then it comes out. Flush it … or put it in a bag” and bring it back to the abortion facility. (

I can’t believe what I just wrote; harder yet to believe is the number of states that are promoting infanticide when a baby escapes the abortionist’s clutches with his/her heart beating, lungs breathing, and soul waiting to be loved. This shouldn’t happen anywhere; but it should especially be unthinkable in America.

U.S. Senator Ben Sasse (Nebraska-R) is the sponsor of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (S 311), which is supposed to be voted on tonight. Read Sen. Sasse’s compelling reason and gratitude for this vote:

A lot of Senators spend a lot of time telling people how they fight for the little guy. Well, here’s the chance for them to prove it. We’re going to have a vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act and everyone is going to have to put their name by their vote.

“It’s cowardly for a politician to say they’ll fight for the little guy but only if the little guy isn’t an actual 7-pound baby who’s fighting for life. It shouldn’t be hard to protect newborn babies – let’s pass this legislation.”

That’s right, passing this bill will not only protect the lives of babies who survive an abortion, but now we will definitely know which Democrats and Republicans refuse to protect innocent life.

We are grateful that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) brought this bill up for a vote; but Monday night (tonight) is not the optimum time for such a vote.

According to an American Family Association (AFA) email:

Senators typically travel to D.C. on Monday for the week, and they record their attendance that evening by what is known as a "bed check" vote. Bills considered after check-in are typically viewed as low-priority votes—renaming a post office, for example.

“If the vote had been delayed till next Thursday, Senate leadership, including Majority Whip John Thune (R-SD), would have had the opportunity to whip the votes during the week to build support for the bill. A Monday night vote weakens the ability of Senate leadership to leverage their majority position.”

A bill that would stop infanticide should be a no-brainer and a slam dunk; however, that is not the case. That should concern each one of us; it shows us the dark heart of our nation.

We urge you to contact your Senator right now and ask him or her to support life, to stop the increasing push for infanticide—to vote yes on the Born Alive Survivors Protection Act (S311). Click here; it will take you to an AFA website that allows you to contact your Senator directly and easily. After you’ve let your voice be heard in congress, let your voice be heard in heaven too. Pray for this bill, for our nation, and that we would turn our faces in repentance to God. After all, there is where our hope truly lies.

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