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By: American Decency Staff


A warning from Muskegon County Commissioner Zach Lahring: “Muskegon County moves toward Sanctuary County status! Muskegon County Sheriff will be present at the courts and public safety meeting Tuesday, Oct 1 @ 3:30 pm. Patriots must make their voices heard.

Even if you’re not in Muskegon County, or even in Michigan, this email has information for you. Although the push is on particularly in Muskegon County tomorrow, October 1, this is a problem for all counties in all states. This is an issue we need to be informed about.

Of course we want to welcome LEGAL immigrants to our counties and communities; but from a political and safety aspect it makes good common sense to address the issues of ILLEGAL immigration. When local law enforcement refuses to help the federal government in doing its job to keep our communities and citizens safe from violent lawbreakers, potential disease carriers, and cultural destroyers, we are all at risk. I am well aware that not all illegal immigrants fall into the aforementioned categories and that all should be treated as image bearers of God; yet we are a nation of laws, all must be brought into compliance with our laws, and there are a great number of illegal immigrants that do fall into the aforementioned categories.

In a article dated September 26, 2019, acting ICE Director, Matt Albence, made some important statements that we cannot ignore. Here are a few excerpts from that article:

“Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) made more than 105,000 criminal arrests last year and removed more than 145,000 criminal aliens, ‘to include the arrests of nearly 10,000 gang members and the removal of another 6,000.’”

“We are here today to help the public understand the human cost of sanctuary laws and policies, which ban and prevent local law enforcement agencies from working with ICE to include even the simple sharing of information about criminals already in their custody. Laws and policies like these make us all less safe plain and simple.”

“70 percent of ICE arrests are made at local jails and state prisons nationwide, ‘but we used to make more, and we used to get more criminals off the street before sanctuary laws and policies prevented us from doing so.’”

Many sanctuary jurisdictions will also incorrectly assert that they cannot hand over custody of criminal aliens in their jails unless ICE provides an arrest warrant signed by a federal judge. Those that say that are either willfully ignorant or patently disingenuous,” Albence said.

The truth is that federal law does not provide any mechanism for judicial warrants to be issued for civil immigration violations. There is not a single judge, magistrate anywhere in this country that has a lawful authority to issue a warrant for a civil immigration violation. By statute, Congress has given this authority solely to supervisory immigration officers. This is one of the ways in which our system — the immigration enforcement system — differs from the criminal justice system, and it's perfectly lawful.

As an example of the above, here is the opening paragraph to Muskegon County’s Sheriff Poulin from the ACLU:

 “Dear Sheriff Poulin:

We write to strongly urge you to stop detaining non-citizens at the request of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unless ICE has obtained and provided a court order mandating such detention. You have no legal obligation to honor “ICE detainers” without a court order. In fact, doing so is unconstitutional and opens Muskegon County up to liability for violating the Fourth Amendment.

As Mr. Albence alluded to, and as we can read in that first paragraph of the letter to Sheriff Poulin, this is nothing more than an insidious attempt to bully local law enforcement into complying with their attempts to change our culture and affect our elections. This is very troubling and we should all be concerned that this is happening, not only in Muskegon County, but all throughout Michigan and the United States. Certainly both the ACLU and Sheriff Poulin understand that non-citizens (ILLEGAL immigrants) are not afforded Fourth Amendment rights (or any other Constitutional rights for that matter).

We urge you to let Sheriff Poulin know your concerns for safety and the upholding of the law and the Constitution. Contact him at 231-724-6351 and show up to the courts and public safety meeting today—Tuesday, October 1 at 3:30 PM. Get there early, show up in numbers, and let your presence be known.

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