It’s NOT about the good of the children

By: American Decency Staff


Is anyone else amazed at the way the United States is throwing our children to that “roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour?” Any child that makes it through the birthing process without being handed over to Molech then must strive to not drown in a sea of confusion. Gender confusion, confusion over political ideologies, religious unbiblical theologies, conflicting historical narratives, and the list goes on and on. And those in control are always vying for the position of “We’re doing this for the children.”

Today, I’m going to address the gender confusion that comes at our children with such speed and regularity that even if they are secure in their God designed gender, they are often confused into thinking that it’s normal for some to be confused and that the adults in society are pushing “transgenderism” “for the good of the children” rather than pushing an agenda.

It’s not about the good of the children if, when they have either changed their minds or grown out of the “transgender” phase, they are no longer given a voice because that voice no longer fits the driving cultural agenda. Take away their voice in hopes of silencing the opposition.

As reported by the Daily Wire, Carey Callahan, a young woman detransitioning after identifying as male, voiced her frustration with the transgender journalist for “erasing” her lived experience. “If self-definition is a human right, I don’t know how much louder we can shout to the world we’re not trans. And for me, if you say that I’m on the transgender spectrum, what you’re doing is you’re erasing everything I’m telling you about my life and my story.”

Read, with compassion, the confusion this young woman experienced as she shares the emotional journey she took. “I had trauma that led to me disassociating from my female body, and … the longer I chased that disassociation — the more I asked people to call me special pronouns, the more I tried to change my body, the more I ensconced myself in a community that would affirm a trans identity, the worse I felt.”

There are many thousands of these individuals that regret their choice to either chemically alter their natural growth functions and/or mutilate their bodies. This is even true for those who continue to suffer from gender dysphoria, the dysphoria hasn’t been relieved and they don’t feel any better for it.

It’s not about the good of the children if, when they are seeking help to change, opportunities for change are made illegal. When various states or counties make it illegal for a counselor to help those dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity issues, it is in essence taking away one’s choice. Why is it okay to counsel people into same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria; but it’s wrong to counsel people back to their God-given roles or genders? Last year, Maryland became the 11th state to ban this type of therapy.

In 2015 one pastor/blogger writes, “At today’s meeting of the Cincinnati City Council law and public safety committee, Council Member Chris Seelbach ‘will propose an ordinance that would impose a $200-a-day fine on a therapist or counselor practicing the therapy that aims to “change” lesbians, gay men, bisexuals or transgender people from their sexual orientation or gender identity,’” according to

Again, why does our culture only allow a one-way bridge when it comes to sexuality? “You can cross over but you cannot come back!”

It’s not about the good of the children when “Drugs used as puberty blockers in youth linked to thousands of adult deaths, FDA shows,” as the Christian Post reports.

NewsTarget writes: “New data released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reveals that since the year 2012, more than 40,000 people have suffered adverse reactions from taking the hormone-blocking pharmaceutical Lupron (leuprolide acetate), while at least 6,370 people have died since 2014 from taking the drug.”

Commonly prescribed to children who’ve been manipulated into believing that they’re ‘transgenders’ in need of a chemical ‘sex change,’ Lupron has reportedly caused more than 25,500 ‘serious’ reactions in patients just in the last five years, according to the FDA. Many of these adverse reactions appear to have occurred in patients who were prescribed the drug for off-label uses, such as in transgender ‘therapy.’”

Please, please, please read this article about Sydney. It’s not very long and she will tell you, in her own words, about her “transgender” journey. The fact that no one spoke directly into her life saying, “Don’t do this; let’s think about it,” is a recurring theme. Her grandfather finally spoke to her and it saved her life. I’m urging you to read this article to get a better insight into someone’s hurt and actions. I’m also urging you to speak truth compassionately into another’s life.

It’s not about the good of the children when those that they trust are more interested in pushing a cultural change or practicing social engineering than looking after the long-term welfare of these children/teens/young adults. Whenever we run contrary to the law of God and strive to worship the creature more than the Creator, we put ourselves in a most dangerous predicament.

This is particularly troublesome when one realizes that many of those who are being influenced to go against their God-given drives are so young that they know nothing of sexuality or are coming of age where it’s all new to them. When parents, school counselors, and other trusted individuals attempt to reassign what God has already designed, there is nothing but confusion and brokenness awaiting those who are being wrongly influenced. Healing and hope will only be found when they turn to their Creator and Designer—as is true for all of us.

Pray for those who are lost, confused, and hurting; they are part of a broken culture that surrounds you and may even be in our own families. No one is outside the reach of God’s mercy and grace.


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