Dangers Abound!

By: American Decency Staff


In an article from endsexualexploitation.org in October of last year, it was reported that the pro-porn lobby spent $1 million to fight regulations protecting minors. “In a devastating decision, a federal appeals court recently gutted U.S. Code Title 18 Section 2257. This regulation required pornography producers to keep stringent age records to prevent underage perfo rmers and protect children. Now, minors are at-risk for being sexually exploited by the pornography industry without any mechanisms in place ensuring their safetyInstead of upholding the protection of minors, they put their own legal and financial interests first.” 

Without diminishing the plight of the unborn or these minors who are heartbreakingly being swept up into the pornography industry, I’d like to point out that there are many young people who are being exposed to pornography at younger and younger ages. (Some say that the average age of first exposure is six or seven years old.) They are being deceived into becoming regular consumers of such filth that their minds are being harmfully wired or rewired to a selfish view of sexuality and their souls are becoming calloused to the morality that God has intended for us to walk in. Raised in a culture where sin and immorality is seen as normal, we must have a greater urgency to teach and train them in godly righteousness. 

Let’s look at just a few ways that this is happening and realize that as parents and grandparents we have a responsibility to be informed and to set boundaries for those who God has put in our care. After all, what we put before our eyes very much affects who we become, what our culture becomes, and in part, where we will spend eternity. If I didn’t set boundaries for my eight year old daughter, she would eat sugary treats all day long—unhealthy. If we don’t set boundaries regarding screens for those within our sphere of influence, that is even more unhealthy.

Without guidance, they are likely to abuse their screens regarding the amount of time they view things; and they’re likely to be abused by those same screens in regards to what comes across them.  

There are many shows on Netflix that are aimed at our young which give an unhealthy view of sexuality and normalize different aspects of the LGBTQ agenda. Netflix isn’t the only television culprit; and the Parents Television Council (PTC) is one good resource to help one navigate the seas of poor and healthier viewing. 

Varying degrees of pornographic content and ungodly lifestyles are readily available on any screen at any time.

Smartphones seem to be one of the most effective tools of Satan in gripping our young (and old as well if we were to be honest with ourselves). Between apps that have backdoors to pornographic and other dangerous content, small enough screens to carry on us everywhere – including to bed – and its many ties to social media and all internet sites, it’s setting your child free in a virtual candy store. Smartphones are not evil in and of themselves. They’re tools; and like any tool, they can be used for good or bad. It all depends on who is using that tool and for what purpose they are using it. Our job, as parental trainers and teachers, is to help our children know what is healthy and unhealthy; what would please God and what would make us poor image bearers. This should be taking place well before they have even limited control of any screen. And our training must be consistent, intentional, and ongoing

The assaults upon the minds of our children and teens are many; the hottest and strongest battles today are found at the eye-gate of their mind. Being young and inexperienced, how would they know the difference between what is safe or dangerous, good or bad, normal or abnormal? Like a dog that laps up antifreeze because of its sweet taste, so our young ones, without truth and guidance, often feast upon the veiled poison which flows through their screens. Neither one knows that they are destroying themselves until it is too late. Praise God for His mercy that no one must stay in this state of destruction.  

In recent days we have seen legislation presented to protect the unborn and even President Trump stated that these children who are made in the holy image of God must be protected. Yet little is being done either legislatively or by parents and grandparents rising up against those who attack the mind and soul of our young or even in setting strict boundaries upon our children’s various screen usages. We’ve written before about the dangers associated with screen time; and we’ve always been a voice crying in the virtual wilderness, regarding the dangers of various pornographic internet and television content.

Adults, YOU are their first line of defense! We may not be able to control what they experience at school (short of removing them from the school); we have limited control of what they will experience through their friends; but, we can teach and train them what it means to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. We can show them through example what good time boundaries are, what healthy and unhealthy social media interactions look like, and the importance of respecting and spending time with those who are in your present, physical sphere.

Point them to Christ and purity. Bathe them in prayer and actually pray with them, that God would guide them and that the Holy Spirit would convict them when they might be tempted to wander. Remind them that God is holy and just, and that He is merciful and forgiving. Stand strong in your responsibility, relying upon His sovereignty.

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