American Decency’s FIRST Event of 2019!

By: American Decency Staff

Mark your calendar for THIS FRIDAY, January 25 at 7 PM. 

Would you like to potentially save money on ER visits, medications, tests, procedures, and office visits? Would you like to have a doctor who shares your Christian values, who puts your needs ahead of a financial “bottom line,” and is focused on you instead of racing against the clock to see his next patient? 

Join us at the American Decency building, located at 203 E. Main St. in Fremont, for information that’s a real game changer when it comes to the high cost of health insurance and getting Christian healthcare. 

Who hasn’t been surprised by and concerned about the rising costs of health insurance, various medications, and surgical procedures? There’s no good reason for it although there’s a good explanation of it. To better understand how government is destroying the quality of healthcare with corporate monopolies and placing an even heavier burden on the consumer (you and me), click here and listen to Daniel Horowitz discuss these issues with Dr. Kevin Wacasey. (One example: Why does an EKG only cost them 50 cents but they charge $35?) Listen and learn about the importance of the free market when it comes to healthcare. 

After listening to this broadcast, it’s very likely that people will want to know about the kind of healthcare system that Dr. Wacasey is talking about. Even without listening to this program, most people regularly have these same questions nagging at their mind: Why are the costs of seeing my doctor so high? If I know this is poison ivy (pink eye, etc), why do I need to go into my doctor’s office and pay for an office visit in order to get the help I need? Are all these prescriptions or procedures really necessary and how can I ever afford to pay for all this? Join us this Friday at 7 PM for answers AND solutions! Bring your own questions to ask during the Q&A which will follow the presentation. 

No one will want to miss out on this great opportunity to hear Fremont’s own surgeon, Dr. VanderKooi, and bioethicist/founder of Christian Healthcare Center Mark Blocher, as they present a Christian response to the many troubles and concerns found in the healthcare field today. 

When one person heard that we were promoting the Christian Healthcare Centers at our upcoming event, they sent us an unsolicited testimonial: 

I joined the Christian Healthcare Center here in Grand Rapids this past September after I lost my job and, therefore, my healthcare. Shopping the marketplace for health insurance was a staggering, depressing and quite frankly "not do-able" venture. Through what I can only call "a God thing" I found out about the Christian Healthcare Center just two miles from my home! What a blessing they have been and a delight to work with. I would heartily recommend to anyone.” 


We are grateful to serve you by providing this scarcely heard of information and we are looking forward to seeing you this Friday (January 25) at 7 PM in the American Decency Association’s auditorium—203 E. Main St. in Fremont

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