Will Freedom Rise Again?

By: American Decency Staff

William Federer is coming to Fremont and Grand Rapids April 27 and 28; details below!

While Jay Leno, Mark Dice, and others may get a laugh with their man on the street interviews, it’s no laughing matter as droves of Americans aren’t able to answer basic questions about our nation’s history or even who currently holds political office. Perhaps sadder yet, when they chance upon some foreigner who will listen, he or she will answer most, if not all, the questions about American history rightly.

A few examples of such questions are: Who won the Civil War? (naming some foreign countries, many didn’t even know that it was between the northern states and the southern states.) Why are we celebrating Independence Day; who did we declare our independence from? What year was the Declaration of Independence signed? Name a founding father. What’s the name of your state governor? Who is the current Vice-President? Are there any women on the Supreme Court? How many senators are there in the United States? What are two of the rights guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence?

There is great danger in not knowing one’s history; there’s even greater danger in rewriting one’s history. With holocaust day barely behind us, listen to a few of these facts from a recent study reported on by CBS News:

·         Nearly one-third of all Americans (31 percent) and more than 4-in-10 Millennials (41 percent) believe that substantially less than 6 million Jews were killed (two million or fewer) during the Holocaust

·         While there were over 40,000 concentration camps and ghettos in Europe during the Holocaust, almost half of Americans (45 percent) cannot name a single one – and this percentage is even higher amongst Millennials

·         Two-thirds of millennials could not identify in the survey what Auschwitz was.

·         70 percent agreed with a statement reading: "Fewer people seem to care about the Holocaust as much as they used to."

Recognizing the importance of history and the importance of learning lessons from our past, the American Decency Association is bringing William Federer to Fremont and to Grand Rapids on Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28, respectively.

Join us in Fremont at 203 E. Main Street (ADA building) from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM on Friday, April 27, 2018. Or Join us in Grand Rapids at Doubletree 4747 28th St. SE from 9:00 AM –Noon on Saturday, April 28, 2018.

SEATING IS LIMITED. Make sure you register for this whirlwind through history where we will ask: Will Freedom Rise Again? RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. Seating is limited to 135 people in Fremont; and 100 in Grand Rapids.

Call Kimberly at 231-924-4050 to register; grab a friend, child, or grandchild to make sure they’re informed too! (Make sure to register them as well!)

Join us on either April 27 at 7 PM or April 28 at 9 AM and learn about this history:

·         How God’s sovereign hand affected America’s freedom before there was even an “America.”

·         How God's presence was evident at our nation's founding in the men who fought for independence and shaped our Constitution.

·         How did America go from Pilgrims seeking freedom to express their Judeo-Christian beliefs to today’s discrimination against those very beliefs in the name of tolerance?

·         How did tolerance evolve into Political Correctness?

·         In relation to Islam, how did America’s government go from Barbary pirates to “best friends”?

·         How can we bind the hands of tyranny, once more setting America free?

Whether one has gone to see Mr. Federer in person, read his American minute online, or has watched his TCT program, Faith in History, no one can doubt that he is a wealth of historical information and that he lays it out well.

Register NOW and plan to bring someone with you. Remember, space is limited so call 231-924-4050.

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