What Cost Freedom? Recap!

By: American Decency Staff


Following is a very brief description of how God was able to pull things together despite the weather. Lord willing, a fuller description of this event will be coming soon.

Some had to cancel their reservations for our “What Cost Freedom?” event because of bad weather in their area. This certainly was understandable seeing that one of our main speakers, Stephen Coughlin, was stuck circling the airport in Detroit for quite some time and then had to wait for his connecting flight to Grand Rapids to get off the ground. However, as we well know, GOD IS BIGGER THAN ANY STORM; as a matter of fact, He controls the weather. It was amazing to see the Creator work all things together for good.

On Friday night, in Fremont, Dick Manasseri did a longer presentation (since Steve was still in the air), explaining the dangers of Sharia to Muslim women and children, the Constitution of the United States of America, American women and children, and even spoke slightly into Michigan’s gubernatorial race this year. He gave warning to the dangers that await Michigan and its citizens if we become a sanctuary state.

One of Dick’s main points and passions is that law enforcement officials would become aware of the dangers that Sharia presents to them and the citizens they have sworn to protect. On this point Mr. Manasseri took some time to explain what “Sharia Crime Stoppers” is and the website that hosts it (www.theunitedwest.org).  He referred to a handout which listed questions that one can ask those they know in law enforcement. These questions are a guide to help our officers recognize the importance of understanding how Sharia compromises them and their duty to protect.

Bill Johnson helped to guide the discussion by asking questions and making sure that definitions were clearly understood.

By God’s sovereign hand, Stephen Coughlin arrived at the Grand Rapids airport; and thanks to Cal and Linda Dykstra, a room was found where Steve could set up his laptop and Skype into the event for the last 20 minutes.

This man is a wealth of knowledge and helped the audience to understand the dangers of not recognizing “Fake News” as propaganda or the “Deep State” as being more accurately called the “Counter State.” He spoke to how the Left uses pseudo-science to manipulate U.S. citizens and how terms and identifiers have been scrubbed from the FBI, Homeland Security, and a host of other government agencies that can’t keep us safe because they can’t identify the enemy.

Giving quotes from U.S. generals, communists, and Islamists, he showed that regardless of what battles we may have won, it’s the war that is important and we can’t know how to fight, when we don’t know who we are fighting.

Regardless of the snow and unexpected turns, Friday night’s event went off very well and we thank God for that. You’ll want to get the DVD of this and Saturday morning’s event because they were quite different one from the other.  To order please email kimberly@americandecency.org.

Dick’s presentation was shorter on Saturday, giving Steve much needed time to help the audience better understand many things which we will summarize in a later email.

A big thanks to Stephen Coughlin, Dick Manasseri, and all those who came out to support us and become informed. And of course, thanks be to God who works all things out for His glory and for our good. He showed Himself faithful once again.

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