TONIGHT in HOLLAND-Muslim Brotherhood in Michigan

By: American Decency Staff

Many of you have heard the clear warning from Curtis Bowers, Trevor Loudon, Kamal Saleem, Phil Haney, Frank Gaffney, and many others which American Decency has brought to you over the years. Many have heard the truth of the Muslim Brotherhood and their operations within our nation and the web of deceit which has infiltrated our shores, our government, our culture and society, and sadly…even the church.

We’ve pointed you to documentarieslike Agenda 1 and Agenda 2, Enemies within, and various links to shorter documentaries detailing the dangers that face our country from without and within, often showing how they are one in the same danger. Some may ask, “Why do you bother?” Why do we keep our eyes peeled and our ears to the ground? Why do we exhort, inform, teach, and stir? Because our freedoms are at stake! Because we’ve been given a godly heritage and a working, guarding and guiding constitution—both of which are over 200 years old! Because we care about our children and yours. Because we recognize that our nation is in a precarious position and it’s up to us and it’s up to you to do something. It’s vitally important to be informed, to know what your elected officials can and should do about these things, and to know what you can do as a citizen.

Although this is not an American Decency Association sponsored event, we urge you to attend and to invite your neighbors and friends and family. We urge you to call your pastor and invite him to attend with you. We all have busy schedules and sometimes we can’t get away. BUT IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, come to this event and hear real truth-tellers explain what is going on IN MICHIGAN. Learn what you can do locally IN MICHIGAN. Become aware of what is happening IN MICHIGAN and act on that awareness. Read about the specifics of this event below.

What:  Watchman on the wall and truth-teller Phil Haney, author of “See Something Say Nothing” and former homeland security agent, will be joining with gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck, to discuss Muslim Brotherhood operations in Michigan and what a governor can do about it.


When:April 9, 2018 from 7 PM to 9 PM

Where: Holland Doubletree (650 E 24th St, Holland, MI)



Friday, April 27, 2018(7 PM – 9 PM) at American Decency Association (203 E. Main, Fremont)


Saturday, April 28, 2018(9 AM—Noon) at Doubletree in Grand Rapids (4747 28th St. SE)

William Federer (historian, author, and noted speaker) will be helping us to answer the question: Will Freedom Rise Again?

Join us and learn about:

·         God’s Sovereignty in America’s founding and future

·         How America has turned 180 degrees in many areas and why

·         America’s historical and contemporary relationship with Islam

·         Will Freedom Rise Again? How?

Reserve your seat NOW!We are expecting to be filled up at both locations and walk-ins won’t be allowed due to limited seating. Call (231) 924-4050 to guarantee your reservation today!

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