Still NOT Worth It

By: American Decency Staff


If someone was offered a thousand dollars to play Russian Roulette but all the chambers were loaded, barring insanity the answer would be an emphatic “NO.” All the conditions staying the same, if that same person were offered a million dollars, their answer would be “No, it’s still NOT worth it!”

Last month we sent an email out entitled “No-no Nomination.” This email warned our readers about Chai Feldblum and the danger she poses for religious liberty, especially if confirmed into her position on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). We shared about the great power of the EEOC and several of Chai Feldblum’s stands when it comes to religious liberties vs. the LGBT agenda. Specifically her strong stand that when religious liberty and sexual liberty conflict, sexual liberty should prevail in virtually all cases.

Today’s broadcast of Sandy Rios in the Morning (4-24-18) pointed her listeners to an article written by Paul Mirengoff.

The article begins like this:

Sen. Mike Lee has been fighting against the renomination of Chai Feldblum as EEOC Commissioner. Feldblum is the architect of President Obama’s radical LBGT agenda. She believes, among other things, that when religious liberty and sexual liberty conflict, sexual liberty should prevail in virtually all cases.

“The confirmation of Feldblum looked like a done deal in December. However, key social conservative groups sounded the alarm, and Sen. Lee placed a hold on Feldblum’s nomination. It is stalled.

“Now, however, I’m hearing (but haven’t been able to confirm) that a push is under way to steer Feldblum’s nomination through the Senate this week. She is packaged with two Republican nominees for Commissioner. To sweeten the deal, I’m told the Democrats will throw in the Republican nominee for EEOC General Counsel. This, they hope, will be sufficient to cause Sen. Lee to withdraw his hold. The four nominees could then be confirmed by unanimous consent.”

Even with these added incentives, putting a loaded gun to religious liberty’s head is still NOT worth it! Read the rest of Mr. Mirengoff’s article and see why it wouldn’t make sense to do so anyway.

People often ask, “What can we do?”

For starters, get informed and inform others of the dangers of what is happening around us. You can get informed by reading our previous article and then by reading Paul Mirengoff’s article by clicking here and here respectively. Inform others by talking with them and/or forwarding this article to others.

Next, contact Senator Lee and urge him to stand strong, continuing to oppose Feldblum’s confirmation. Thank him for his protection of religious liberty and encourage him to continue doing so. Call his office at (202) 224-5444 or contact him by email at

Finally, gather friends together to discuss these and other important issues and pray for our president, our country, and for God’s Spirit to sweep over this land.

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