Stephen Coughlin: True American Hero

By: American Decency Staff


Don’t miss out on American Decency’s first event of 2018! Register today for either the Fremont or Grand Rapids venue. Invite others to hear the warning and application of what to do regarding the threat of Islam and the attacks the Left are waging against the First Amendment and our freedom of religion.

Friday, February 9 at 7 PM, Stephen Coughlin will be speaking at the American Decency headquarters located at 203 E. Main St, Fremont, MI. Saturday, February 10 at 9 AM he will be at the Prince Conference Center Willow East Room, located at 1800 East Beltline Ave SE. Grand Rapids, MI. 49546.

The old saying goes, “You can’t keep a good man down.” Apparently this includes truth tellers like Phil Haney, Stephen Coughlin, and a host of others who have heralded the truth about the Islamic invasion into our nation. Stephen Coughlin is one such truth-teller who has warned of the economic, social, moral, and spiritual devastation and the erosion that these Islamists have brought upon our country. He plainly tells how they have undermined and how they continue to join forces with the Leftists to destroy our rule of law (Constitution), specifically our rights (Bill of Rights), and ways in which they subtly destroy us from within.

Maj. Stephen Coughlin has been stomped on and kicked out by those above him but he doesn’t know the meaning of the word retreat. Instead of retiring to a corner and licking his wounds, this man continues to stand, continues to warn, and continues to exhort! We are so very blessed to have such a man for such a time as this.

The things he has warned about have become fact and it would behoove us to listen to what he has to say. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to educate yourself and to help others understand what is happening around us. Register now for the Fremon tor the Grand Rapids event and urge your church, your family, and your friends to join us as well.

To hear Mr. Coughlin introduce himself and how he came to do what he does, click here and watch the first of his six part Lectures on National Security & Counterterror Analysis put on by Frank Gaffney’s Secure Freedom YouTube channel.

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