National Day of Prayer-THIS THURSDAY!

By: American Decency Staff


“Prayer is doubts destroyer, ruin’s remedy, the antidote to all anxieties.”—Charles Spurgeon

“Nothing seems to be too great, too hard, or too difficult for prayer to do. It has obtained things that seemed impossible and out of reach. It has won victories over fire, air, earth, and water. Prayer opened the Red Sea. Prayer brought water from the rock and bread from heaven. Prayer made the sun stand still. Prayer brought fire from the sky on Elijah’s sacrifice … Prayer has healed the sick. Prayer has raised the dead. Prayer has procured the conversion of souls.”—J.C. Ryle

These two great preachers of the faith from years gone by show us the power of prayer and point to the great need of our day—PRAYER! If ever America needed doubts destroyed, a remedy for our ruin, and an antidote for our anxieties, it is today!

Join us at the Veterans Memorial Park (at the band shell) at noon on Thursday, May 3, 2018.

God calls His people to pray, to pray fervently and unceasingly. Our founding fathers and people in leadership positions throughout our rich American history have called for times of fasting and prayer and repentance. They did so that God would see from heaven, hear His people’s prayers, and act on their behalf for His glory. It is such an immense blessing that we can still gather in prayer as a community. We urge you – do not neglect such an opportunity at such a vital time as this.

We are blessed to have Pastor Terry Slachter leading us in this time of prayer and students from Cornerstone Christian Academy will bring special music.

Dr. Terry Slachteris the Executive Director of Reaching America Ministries and the Pastor of the Lamont Christian Reformed Church. He has served in the parish ministry for over thirty years where he taught, and led by example, the need for fervent prayer. He is the author of The Next Great Awakening, and Encouragement for Today’s Pastors.

In the event of rain, we will be meeting in the auditorium of the American Decency headquarters located at 203 E. Main St.

Prayer is such an important means of grace that must not be neglected. Opening with a C.H. Spurgeon and a J.C. Ryle quote, let me end likewise with quotes that will speak for themselves.

“To pray is to enter the treasure-house of God and to gather riches out of an inexhaustible storehouse.”—C.H. Spurgeon

“I want the times we live in to be praying times. I want the Christians in our day to be praying Christians.”—J.C. Ryle

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