Lionized or Loathed: Lies All Lies

By: American Decency Staff


Being polarized on President Trump is the “in thing” nowadays. Like a pendulum swinging far right and far left, we find people who seemingly love the President unconditionally and others who love to hate him. Some make a hero of him, whatever his actions while others make a villain of him, regardless of what he does. Many have lionized all he has done while many more just lie about him, denying the good deeds he has done. Neither side embraces the truth, opting to be either comforted or tormented by a lie. There are masses who never look into facts but sit and spew rhetoric which they have been media fed; and what they spew depends on the channels they watch or the people they listen to. There are precious few who will sit at the bottom swing of the pendulum and look objectively to the right or the left, weighing the actions of President Trump against a set standard of good or bad instead of weighing the man by the swing of their feelings.

If we were to be honest there are actions of the President which range from very good to miserably poor. If we were to be brutally honest, we’d have to admit that there may be reasons behind some of those actions (for good or for bad) that we don’t understand. Having never been the President, I can only assume that things are never quite as easy as many citizens seem to think they are.

Add to that the pressure of the Left’s never-ending agenda to bring this President down. They want to force President Trump out of office either by impeachment or the 25th Amendment; most are not content to just see him defeated and replaced in 2020. We can’t ignore the fact that no sitting U.S. President has ever been under such depth and breadth of assault from both sides, an extremely biased media, Hollywood, and large segments of the population which show no respect for either the President or the office of POTUS.

The inconsistencies are amazing! Time after time we see or hear clips of previous presidents or people in power making the same statements and calling for the same decisions which President Trump is now making or doing and they were applauded for those statements. Now, because it comes from the mouth of a well-hated President Trump, it’s a terrible idea, it’s racist, it’s… (you fill in the blank with Leftist rhetoric).

When one considers the deep, deep pockets of George Soros, his open and even deeper disdain for President Trump, and his unsubstantiated anti-Trump accusations spoken into all levels of society, it’s no wonder that this “Never-Trumping” never seems to die down.

Let’s not forget that the pendulum swings the other way too…tick, tock, tick…

We can’t deny that there are some on the Right who would turn the President into a poster-boy of perfection, glossing over his gaffes, checking their brains at the door because, “he’s our man,” or taking a chopped liver decision or action and, by the sheer power of our imagination, turning it into a big juicy steak. It’s easy for some to overlook the President’s faults because they are too busy imagining “what might have been,” if someone else were occupying the White House now. Some mistakenly think that to show grace is the same thing as to ignore the issues, but that’s NOT grace.

To lionize this man, exaggerating his goodness or closing our eyes to his faults, is just as dishonest as those who can find nothing good to say about his accomplishments.  Although some may wish he would lose his Twitter password, like the governor of Hawaii, there is no denying that he has done many good things for our country. To be vehemently against all he does—or to lionize all he does with gross fanfare—is to be disingenuous and takes much strength from any argument for or against him.

Let’s take a quick look at two recent examples:

President Trump’s visit to Davos, Switzerland:  When President Trump announced he was going to attend the World Economic Forum, many on the left and some of his "#NeverTrump" critics mocked him.  Some said Trump had deceived his base in Middle America while others suggested he was going to insult the world, thereby disgracing America. Both sides of Trump-bashers were wrong; he did neither of these things. Instead, he did something he does very well; he spoke to how well America is doing and that he will continue to do what is best for America. He talked about getting rid of many regulations and “creating an environment that attracts capital, invites investment, and rewards production.” The president went on to say, “America is the place to do business. So come to America where you can innovate, create, and build. I believe in America. As president of the United States I will always put America first; just like the leaders of other countries should put their country first also. But America first does not mean America alone. When the United States grows, so does the world.” In order to hear the rest of his speech given in Davos, Switzerland click here.

George Soros was there too; and he wasn’t impressed, making unfounded statements about President Trump and his administration. After eight years of anti-American sentiment coming out of the White House and having a president that would regularly put America down in front of foreign dignitaries and investors, isn’t it nice to have a president who believes in America and speaks well of America and her citizenry?

Secondly, President Trump’s State of the Union Address:  Ironically, the AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) complained that President Trump used the word “America” over 80 times in his State of the Union Speech. Let’s see, here we have an American president addressing the American people about the state of America and this pro-American administration’s accomplishments and its future goals for America; and the Left says that’s being “exclusionary,” “racist,” and that Trump’s policies have, “harmed so many vulnerable American communities”?

It only makes sense that an hour and a half speech about America might contain the word “America” in it 82 times. As for exclusionary and racist … Really? Thanks to President Trump’s policies, we are experiencing record low black unemployment and the President has called for “merit-based immigration for those who love and respect our country.” Certainly these are things that the Democrats could stand for or at least applaud for, but such was not the case.

Trump isn’t perfect; but shouldn’t people—even the Left—be able to give credit where credit is due? Can’t those who are Republicans, but not for Trump, at least be glad that he is getting some things right? Some things which haven’t been right in a long time I might add. Can’t we be grateful that the conservative platform is being stood on, even if we would have liked someone else to be doing the standing?

By the same token, when our president is less than what we hope for, whether it’s a poor choice in tweeting or a policy decision which seems more like a headache and a flop than a good and conservative choice, can’t we own up to that too? We don’t have to embrace every decision in order to respect and support the position of POTUS or pray for the one who occupies the Oval Office. We must recognize that God raises men up and brings them low; it’s our responsibility to pray for the leaders of our country and do what we can to help them succeed (Biblically speaking). In this way, we would all succeed.

Here’s a refreshing thought.  Let’s be as objective as possible, giving grace like we would hope to receive, doing our Biblical duty to pray for those in authority, and as “Never-Trump” David French put it, “Praise him when he’s right, critique him when he’s wrong, apply the same standards to your own side that you apply to ideological opponents, and keep your eyes fixed on the larger, more important cultural trends.” Or in other words, when he’s right, he’s right; when he’s wrong, he’s wrong. We should all objectively own up to it. And I might add, pray, pray, pray! Trump needs it, we need it, and our country needs it.

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