Interfaith Exchanges: taking down strongholds or taking hearts and minds captive?

By: American Decency Staff


“Islam denies the Trinity, denies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, denies His death by crucifixion, denies his resurrection and denies his future second coming as the Christian Savior. If that were all you knew about Islam, it’s more than enough. Why would you go into the mosques and pray with the imams [to Allah]?”

These are Phil Haney’s words (maligned and retired Homeland Security officer and co-author of See Something Say Nothing) as quoted by Leo Hohmann, as Mr. Haney spoke about interfaith dialogue at Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church on the deception of the interfaith movement.

Take a minute, reread that first paragraph, and realize that Muslims and Christians do not serve the same God, are not awaiting the return of the same Jesus, and our outlined standard of practice (Qur’an and Bible respectively) are very, very different. With this in mind, Phil Haney also “cautions Christians to take Islamic beliefs about Jesus into consideration before coming to the conclusion that Allah is the ‘same God’ they worship.”

There is an interfaith event tonight (Friday; April 20, 2018) at the Bloomfield Hills mosque. It’s incredible that so many are hopping on the interfaith train even though it takes them to a dangerous depot. Leo Hohmann reports, “Friday’s event at the Bloomfield Hills mosque has the support not only of several churches and at least one synagogue but also the local public schools.”

I know a sixth grader who got permission to take his Bible to school, in Grant, Michigan; several of his friends looked at it and said that they had never even seen a Bible. Our Christian founded nation has come to a point where schools don’t allow the teaching of the Bible or even to have the Ten Commandments posted, prayer is highly restricted, and Christian influence is hardly, if at all, allowed. Yet, tonight’s interfaith event is advertised and encouraged through the public school system.

Hohmann continues, “Bloomfield Hills School District is promoting the event on its website, as is the nearby Birmingham school district website and the Walled Lake school district website. The school districts describe the event as including interfaith prayers with Muslim, Christian and Jewish leaders as well as a ‘community conversation’ designed to ‘educate’ the public and ‘raise awareness and increase involvement around building safe schools and communities in the wake of the Parkland shooting and in light of remembering the many victims of gun violence across the country.’”

This is just one of the many interfaith events sweeping the nation. The goal of such events is deception and so that the non-believer (non-Muslim) may come over to Islam.  No, an invitation to embrace Islam may not be given; but many will attend unaware of the Islamic belief that Christians and Jews are cursed. To better understand this, listen to the Glazof Gang’s Anni Cyrus, from Iran, as she speaks bluntly regarding the Muslim’s daily prayer: “Every Muslim, radical or not, extremist or not, lovely or not, moderate or not, twenty times a day calls everyone in this room (room of Christians) people who were cursed by Allah.”

To be honest, Christians also believe that those who have not believed by faith on the Lord Jesus Christ are also cursed and headed for eternal damnation. This is a battle of ideologies; it’s a spiritual battle; and it’s a battle for our nation, built on Biblical principles. The Christian’s use of the name of Jesus is a powerful stronghold which is torn down; evangelism isn’t allowed at these functions. The deceit of peace among all is held up to capture the hearts and minds of well-meaning – albeit confused – individuals who don’t want to be considered “Islamophobic,” intolerant, or unChristian. This “peaceful” Islam presents a side which ignores the fact that Allah has cursed any who are not adherents of Shariah (especially Christians and Jews). Should anyone speak up outside their agenda, their voice is taken away. To read my witnessing of such an event or for a better understanding of interfaith dialogue click here.

Let me urge you to do three things now:

1.      As I said, this is spiritual warfare; spend time in prayer for those who are drawn to this event that they wouldn’t be drawn into the web of deception. Pray that the Holy Spirit will open eyes and minds to the truth.

2.      Read the entirety of Leo Hohmann’s very important article on this topic. Click here.

3.      Create your own true interfaith dialogues with others (Muslims and other unbelievers). Please watch this clip from Kamal Saleem’s video series The Unveiling. Click here.

Why are these things so vitally important? Because our hope is not in men or laws; our hope is in the Lord. It’s only by the grace of God and by our obedience to His Word that things will be okay—however they end up. We must not be deceived and we must move boldly forward, ever led by the Spirit. Remember, in the word of Phil Haney: “Islam denies the Trinity, denies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, denies His death by crucifixion, denies his resurrection and denies his future second coming as the Christian Savior. If that were all you knew about Islam, it’s more than enough. Why would you go into the mosques and pray with the imams [to Allah]?”


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