Help Asia Bibi Now! Date: November 30, 2018

By: American Decency Staff


Blasphemy laws, which make it illegal to say anything—truth or not—against Islam, Allah, or his prophet Mohammed, oppress Christians all around the globe.There are those who would impose such laws on U.S. citizens as well, ignoring the First Amendment.

Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian wife and mother of five, was accused and imprisoned under such blasphemy laws. Christians around the world had prayed for Asia Bibi; and after nine long years their prayers were answered as the Supreme Court of Pakistan overturned her death sentence for blasphemy.

We must continue to pray for her and other Pakistani Christians; since in the wake of this ruling, violent protests have been staged by thousands of hardliners who support strong blasphemy laws, and persecution has increased.

Even though Mrs. Bibi’s sentence has been overturned, she remains in protective custody because of the anger and violence directed at her. England has refused to grant her and her family asylum because of the heavy Islamic influence in their country. If they were to grant asylum, they wouldn’t be able to guarantee her safety and could reasonably expect riots and other violent outbursts on their hands due to the increased Muslim population and its unpredictability.

What’s surprising to me is that the United States has not yet offered the Bibi family asylum. As we watch increased Islamic violence in other countries it should burn several things into our mind.

Here are a few of them:

·         There is an ever-increasing need for us to get back to the rule of law.

·         We need to be unwavering in “American laws for American courts,” giving no place to Shariah law in our justice system.

·         We must have extreme vetting for those we allow into our country and we must diligently protect our boarders in sovereignty.

·         If we are not careful, the same blasphemy laws which put Asia Bibi on death row could be put in place here; and many of us might well find ourselves in the same or a similar predicament.

Our nation has always been willing to lend a helping hand to those in need and to protect those who rightfully seek asylum. But there is no denying that there are forces at work, both within and without our country, to cripple and destroy us.

All that being said, it's long past time for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to offer asylum to Asia Bibi so she can have a place of refuge to live with her family. We urge you to write him, expressing your grave concerns for her safety and for America to step up and do the right thing.

The American Family Association (AFA) has made it easy for you to contact Secretary of State Pompeo by clicking here.

For more information about what is happening with Asia Bibi and specific prayer points click here.

As we continue to fight the battle on many fronts, we have provided and continue to provide helpful information on a great number of topics through email alerts, conferences, small pamphlets, and other resources. We attempt to fight where the fire is hottest whether it is about Islam, pornography, the attack on the church, or any number of battles our Lord leads us to. It takes prayer and money to do the work we do; and frankly, finances are so thin right now that if they were ice, I wouldn’t dare step out on them except by faith. And honestly, that’s how we operate—by faith. By faith we are trusting that God is burdening many of you to pray for us and that He is lifting up just as many of you to support us with as strong a gift as you are able.

 We never take any gift of any size for granted; we thank the Lord for each one. Help us fight the good the fight, continuing to be a shining light in these very dark times. God bless you.

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