Gulftainer: Are you aware of the danger?

By: American Decency Staff

Who in their right mind would allow blind access to their house from those who have been and continue to be hostile to you, regardless of any amount of money? For example, would you allow someone who has stated they want you and your family dead to put a box in your house (and no, you cannot leave your house), not having any idea what is in that box? No, that would be lunacy; not even for a million dollars!

If you agree that that is just crazy, each one of us needs to contact President Trump and the Members of Congress soon; because he’s meeting with The Delaware General Assembly Joint Committee on Capital Improvement (Bond Committee) to discuss the Gulftainer Proposal on Thursday April 19th, 2018 from 10am to noon. (That’s tomorrow!) Let your voice be heard! (Information below)

I can’t imagine anyone thinking it’s a good idea to give access to our ports, which are near military instillations, to a company that is closely linked to Saddam Hussein and Russia. Who would allow these things, regardless of the massive amounts of money involved; unless, like the Biblical King Hezekiah, they assume it just won’t happen in their day. Putting a country, their own families—children and grandchildren—in harm’s way is unacceptable, regardless the pay off.

Get informed!  Listen to this brief interview with Admiral James “Ace” Lyons and Frank Gaffney hereHear them discuss the dangers of U.S. ports which are being controlled by foreign entities. Learn about what Gulftainer is, who owns it, and why it’s utter lunacy to allow these things to continue. Listen to another short but important Frank Gaffney interview on this topic with Dr. Joseph King by clicking here. (It’s the second interview on that page.)

Learn more!  I strongly urge you to read this recent article posted by the Center for Security Policy on their website: Representative Duncan Hunter to Trump: Gulftainer Port of Wilmington Deal Requires CFIUS National Security Review. In this article we are told how dangerous it is to allow foreign countries (particularly those who are dedicated to our harm) to own, or lease for very lengthy periods of time, and we are called to take action by calling the White House and urging President Trump “and Members of Congress … to block Gulftainer’s Port of Wilmington lease, to suspend Gulftainer’s Port Canaveral lease, and to open investigations to determine how Gulftainer, a company closely linked to Saddam Hussein and Russia, was allowed to take over cargo container operations at Port Canaveral with no CFIUS national security review.”

THE WHITE HOUSE: (202) 456-1111

U.S. CAPITAL SWITCHBOARD: (202) 224-3121


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