Frank Gaffney and Steve Coughlin?

By: American Decency Staff


Frank Gaffney?  A few years ago ADA brought in Frank Gaffney to speak in Grand Rapids (and later Fremont).  A good crowd of 170 people showed up on that
October Saturday morning.  People were shocked and thankful for the new things they learned and were stirred on that particular day in 2012.

Steve Coughlin (our featured speaker):

Frank Gaffney told me on the phone just the other day that Steve Coughlin is one of the individuals that contributed to his own strong knowledge base regarding the “war for the free world.”

It is safe to say that: Many people don’t “GET it!”  What do I mean by that?  Vast numbers don’t recognize that even the verbiage being used such as “Fake News” and “deep state” don’t do justice to a far deeper concern than those terms. Try the word
“subversion” for example.  

Steve Coughlin is a sensitive, caring man who keeps on doing all that he can to help people like me, and hopefully many of you, understand the times in order to know what to do.  Steve is well equipped to do so, don’t you think? – Considering the fact that he was considered the top instructor to the military and the Pentagon just a few years ago. 
When you hear him, you will see why!

Doing?  Which brings to mind the often asked question after such events, what can we do?   A second speaker joining us will help answer this question.   I’m referring to Detroiter Dick Manisseri.

Dick Manisseri will be sharing important and highly practical action points regarding Shariah Crime Stopper

Dick Manisseri’s “backyard” is so-called Shariahville:  Dearborn, Hamtramck, etc…  In addition to an important action item(s), he will be sharing a perspective from the eastern side of our state and the political implications regarding governship, womanhood, and the importance of our law enforcement at all levels including our local communities.

Dick Manisseri
Shariah Crime Stoppers

Stephen Coughlin
Unconstrained Analytics

Also included :

Discussion between the three of us:

Inequality of women to men, i.e. being treated like property, honor killings, female genital mutilation (FGM), no-fault rape, Islamic view of human rights.

Without proper instruction of law enforcement at all levels, law enforcement even on the local level is likely to fold when they are directed by higher authorities just to look the other way when it comes to felonious behavior—when concern regarding Islam becomes seen as hate crimes. People often ask, “What can anyone do?” The answer, in part—Shariah Crime Stoppers.

Also, any insight into their subversive joining of forces with the Left and/or Communism in order to take America down and set up a Caliphate.

We know Islam often breeds terrorism and violence. This has led many to proclaim that there's no such thing as a "moderate Muslim." So what is your terminology for those who claim the Islamic faith and don't want to kill or subjugate anybody? If it's not "Moderate Muslim," what's wrong with that phrase?

If you were President for a day, how would you direct the federal government to prevent Islamic terrorism and the spread of violent Islamic ideology in a way that respects Muslims' right to worship? What would that look like specifically?

Q/A with audience

In closing, I’m thinking of many dear friends who have not registered as yetPlease don’t lose the sense of caring and urgency.   The enemy from within desires that you just get complacent. Isn’t there a neighbor, friend, colleague, or family member that also should know the very latest from some of America’s most solid informers and laborers in the field? 

We have plenty of room yet available in both locations.  This ought not to be.  Register online today or call.

Thanks for your prayers and your prayerful consideration.  May the Lord tap you on the shoulder. 

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