DACA Rapid Response Plan and Acton Update

By: American Decency Staff


Update on the Acton Institute event regarding Abraham Kuyper on Islam.

American Decency Association attended and made its presence known. This event was to promote their newest book which was a partial translation of Kuyper’s Travelogue. Although not as familiar with Kuyper as some, but knowing the Reformed faith and knowing Islam, we were left to wonder if Abraham Kuyper was portrayed in a completely fair and accurate light.

The author of this book said that Kuyper wouldn’t have held to the early reformers’ views on Islam. Another of the panelists seemed to represent Kuyper in a manner which would have been more consistent with the reformed faith but then went on to say that Kuyper got most of Islam wrong.

After the event, one of the audience members approached Bill Johnson and thanked him for the points he brought out and the question he asked. I believe he rightly summed the Acton event with these words: “They sound like they are apologists. What they are teaching is secular humanism.” Upon further reflection, we find this to be true and extremely concerning, especially since these are men who are training the next generation of “Christian” thinkers and leaders.

Today the Democrats came out with their amnesty plan. It is much, much worse than the President's 4 Pillars plan.

In addition to amnesty for 1.8 million DACA eligible illegal aliens, it protects most of the current 11 – 30 million illegal aliens from fear of removal.

But it's worse than that! It extends those same protections to anyone who can cross the border between now and June 30. This will create a border surge like a tidal wave.

It also does nothing about the diversity visa lottery or chain migration. They call themselves the "Common Sense Coalition." I call them the Nonsense Coalition.

Here are the seven GOP senators members of the Nonsense Coalition. They need to hear from us:

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) (202) 224-5972
Jeff Flake (R-AZ) (202) 224-4521
Lamar Alexander (R-TN) (202) 224-4944
Corey Gardner (R-CO) (202) 224-5941
Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) (202) 224-6665
Susan Collins (R-ME) (202) 224-2523
Mike Rounds (R-SD) (202) 224-5842
Johnny Isakson (R-GA) (202) 224-3643

Please also call your own senator at 202-873-9877
and call Senate leadership: 202-224-2541

NOTE: I have left much of the prior DACA email intact below so you can use the tools provided if you want to take it further than just these phone calls. But contacting these members by phone, email or tweet are the most important thing.

2. The Response

Amnesty makes a mockery of our rule-of-law. We should not have to be lobbying Congress and the President to do their jobs by enforcing the law and securing our borders.

Mark Levin has called Trump's move toward border compromise a "complete surrender." However, today, Trump pushed back against a proposal by a new bipartisan "group of six" Democrats and RINOs — the usual suspects — that defies his basic demands. He is not budging. So our messaging to President Trump should encourage him to keep the faith rather than pillory him.

We need to insist on a secure border that includes:

1. No amnesty
2. Send them ALL home!
3. Build the Wall
4. End chain migration
5. End birthright citizenship (i.e. anchor babies), and birth tourism.
6. End the Diversity Lottery
7. Enforce mandatory E-Verify
8. Mandatory prison sentences for those who re-enter illegally (like Kate Steinle's killer)
9. Formally halt ICE's "catch and release" policy for non-violent offenders
10. No special treatment for Central/South American illegal alien youths – currently able to appeal for asylum, while Mexican illegals can be sent home immediately.

Reps. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Michael McCaul R-TX), Raul Labrador (R-ID) and Martha McSally R-AZ), have proposed a new border control bill. HR-4760. DC insiders believe this is the best deal that could possibly be made on this issue. NumbersUSA supports this bill, saying it "greatly reduces overall immigration."

HR-4760 includes:

1. A renewable 3-year non-immigrant visa for about 700,000 DACA illegal aliens
2. Wall funding, other border upgrades and more border patrol agents
3. Immediate end to chain migration
4. End to Diversity Lottery
5. Mandatory E-Verify phased in over 2 years
6. Defunding sanctuary cities

The bill does not offer green cards, so there is no direct path to citizenship, however NumbersUSA states:

"the bill's authors expect many of them to eventually obtain a green card through an employer or by marrying a U.S. citizen. I think we should expect that all or most of the recipients of any DACA amnesty will eventually have a path to citizenship."

This means families could get citizenship too; another 2 – 5 million.

Daniel Horowitz has provided a very good analysis of this bill. He concludes:

"If every one of these provisions is a red line and serve as the floor, not the ceiling, for “America first” demands, and if they intend for these amnesty provisions to be the ceiling and not the floor for amnesty, I can stand behind this bill. (Emphasis added)

"However, if they plan to whittle down the demands in the face of inevitable opposition from Democrats and even some Republicans, this bill will backfire because it will only serve as a tool to get Republicans on board with amnesty… Amnesty will become the universal imperative, and we will be left with the same result as the other seven amnesties in recent years: amnesty now and phony promises of enforcement later." (Emphasis added)

I leave it to you to decide which path this legislation will probably take. As we have said, there is no reason we should have to be negotiating about illegal aliens. They broke the law. Period.

3. Take Action

Following are some of the actions you can take:

      Contact Your Member of Congress

Representatives | Senators
Contact your Senators/Representatives

      Tweet Your Member of Congress

Click HERE for an Interactive U.S. map, Choose your state and look up your member of Congress.

      Contact the President

Click HERE to email President Trump
Click HERE to tweet to President Trump
White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111
TDY/TTD Comment Line: 202-456-6213

      U.S. Senators' Position on Amnesty

Click HERE to see where your Senators stand.

      Heritage Action No Amnesty Toolkit

Click HERE to reach Heritage Action's interactive toolkit. Includes sample tweets, letters, phone scripts and graphics used for effective communications to elected officials and the press.

For example, they have a bunch of sample tweets as shown below. All you need to do is click where it says and Twitter pops up with the message ready to go. All you need to do is type in the Twitter name for the legislator(s) you are trying to reach. You can find their Twitter names in the "Tweet Your Member of Congress" section.

Click to Tweet: @MEMBERNAME Amnesty creates a powerful magnet for more illegal immigration. Oppose the Nonsense Coalition Bill!

Click to Tweet: @MemberName Our immigration system is lawless, lacks border security & has the wrong incentives.The #NonsenseCoalition makes it worse!

Click to Tweet: @MEMBERNAME DACA never passed Congress and is illegal. Immigration reform must start with enforcing America’s laws. Oppose the #NonsenseCoalition

Click to Tweet: @MEMBERNAME Schumer's #NonsenseCoalition bill betrays his promises to Trump!

       One-Step to Find Most Elected Officials

Click HERE for this easy to use tool from the League of Women Voters. It allows you to find your legislators, from the President and U.S. Senate on down to local councils. Simply enter your zip code. Zip code plus four not necessary.

4. Key Facts & Talking Points

·         GOP suicide pact: DACA amnesty could flip critical GOP states.

·         DACA Amnesty would cost $26 billion: Advocates claim DACA employees will boost IRS tax revenues. This is false.

·         Five years of chain migration exceeds annual U.S. birthrate.

·         Illegal aliens take American jobs. Amnesty just makes it legal – rewarding both aliens and businesses that hire them.

·         Illegal alien gangs. Almost 30 percent of illegal alien youths crossing the border today have ties to MS-13, the most violent street gang in the United States.

·         Illegal border crossings skyrocket: Illegal border crossings plummeted to historic lows early in President Trump's first year as shown in the chart below. Now they are up again, based on the perception that Trump is softening on border control.

·         Unaccompanied alien minors apprehensions up 342 percent since April

·         Family apprehensions up 583 percent since April

·         Amnesty will open the floodgates: encouraging even greater illegal border entry.

·         Illegal aliens are 94 percent of all foreigners in federal prison

·         Illegal aliens comprised 33 percent of federal prisoners in 2014

·         Illegal aliens committed 13 percent of all crimes in 2014, but represent only 3.5 percent of the U.S. population

·         In 2008, 7,085 illegal aliens were convicted of homicide in NY, AZ, FL, TX and CA (GAO letter, PRI-14-267, January 13, 2015). These are latest data available.

·         Criminal aliens committed 600,000 crimes in Texas from 2011-2017, including 1,200 homicides; almost 69,000 assaults; 16,854 burglaries; 700 kidnappings; nearly 6,200 sexual assaults; 69,000 drug offenses; 8,700 weapons violations; and over 3,800 robberies

·         338 Illegal aliens committed 1,310 sex crimes against children in North Carolina, May 2016-Dec 2017

·         Illegal aliens lie about age. Many who claim to be under age are not, and game the system by lying to get in.

·         4.5 million anchor babies 18 or under in the U.S. exceed annual birthrate of Americans.


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