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By: American Decency Staff

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Here are the outlines of the Senate DACA bill, the "Secure and Succeed Act."

Right. If anything comes out of the Senate at all, it will not be something we want. House members are trying to push the Goodlatte bill and are whipping it for support today, February 14. It is the best the House is going to come up with. If we are going to support anything, this is it.

Call your House member HERE to ask that he/she support the Goodlatte bill.
To tweet your House member go HERE to find his/her twitter handle. Then click on a message you like and add the rep's twitter address:

Click to Tweet: @MEMBERNAME Immigration is out of control! Say NO to the Senate bill. #MANDATORYEVERIFY #BuildTheWall #SupportGoodlatte

Click to Tweet: @MemberName Our immigration system is lawless, lacks border security & has the wrong incentives. #MANDATORYEVERIFY #BuildTheWall #SupportGoodlatte

Click to Tweet: @MEMBERNAME Immigration reform must start with enforcing America’s laws. Support Goodlatte! #EndChainMigration #MANDATORYEVERIFY #BuildTheWall

Please make those calls and send those tweets!

2. Another federal judge has overstepped his bounds in demanding that the federal government must restart the DACA program. Simply incredible. He even claims that DACA is neither unconstitutional nor illegal!

That is an amazing claim since it has not yet been adjudicated by the Supreme Court, and Obama clearly overstepped his constitutional authority in creating it. Oh but wait, the judge is a Clinton appointee, so it's all okay. (Cue sarcasm).

A California judge did the same thing a short time ago. The Trump Justice Department has asked for an expedited hearing from the Supreme Court to stop this nonsense. The request is under consideration. Pray for the Supremes to do the right thing.

3. This new movie, The Fight of Our Lives, puts on film the fight we are engaged in right now.

4.  One other thing particularly for those of you in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.

Please note an event that will be taking place at the Acton Institute this very Friday at Acton Institute headquarters. 

The panel discussion is “Abraham Kuyper’s Perspective on Islam.”

It is free of charge but you must pre-register to attend. 

These types of panel discussions generally make me somewhat nervous, but when the panel includes Calvin College’s Dr. Doug Howard professor of history at Calvin – I get particularly concerned. 

Doug Howard is a big part of “Interfaith Dialogue”.  I had a troubling conversation with him at a Calvin College “Teach- in” at Calvin (December 3, 2015), and I tried to have a discussion with him at an Interfaith Dialogue gathering that was held on the campus of Grand Valley State University this past spring. 

I had asked him if he would discuss and pray with me.  He said no.  He said to me “You are closed.” (Meaning he saw me as closed-minded.)  I spoke with his Christian Reformed Church pastor at this meeting in Grand Rapids and I asked him the same question.  He said that Howard was a member in his church and their church was going to be going to a nearby Islamic Center in Grand Rapids in the coming days. 

Truth telling is what is important to me in these conferences.  I will be attending and hoping that this isn’t a meeting intended to groom a general public to Shariah compliance.

For further information and to register:


2:00pm Introductions and opening remarks
2:30pm Panel discussion
3:05pm Refreshments
3:15pm Q&A


Although this is a complimentary event, registration is required.

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