Antifa And The SPLC Successfully Shut Down Four Anti-Islam Conferences

By: American Decency Staff

Antifa groups used information from the Southern Poverty Law Center to successfully shut down four conferences on the threat of Islam scheduled in Wisconsin and Minnesota last weekend (April 5-9).

The hotels slated for the events were flooded with threatening calls, and the organizers voluntarily canceled one of the events following numerous warnings that it would not be safe. A fifth conference in Des Moines, Iowa carried on, despite leftists showing up to disrupt the proceedings.”

This is how Jim Simpson starts his very important and eye-opening article in The Daily Caller. Read the following short excerpts below; then click on the following link to read what should be considered a warning to the rest of us. Free speech has been shut down; freedom of expression of religion is being shackled; using our First Amendment rights to warn is being stifled; and the Leftist agenda continues to be promoted. What happened here (in this article) could happen anywhere, and to any conservative voice. Once they have successfully usurped our First Amendment rights, what is to keep them from manipulating either our government or our society into stripping us of our remaining rights?

“The conferences were hosted by Worldview Weekend, a conservative Christian organization that produces radio and TV shows and sponsors events nationwide.The SPLC posted the locations for these venues, after which Antifa groups urged their members through social media to attend events and swamp the venues with threatening calls and messages.

“The conferences sought to expose how leftists supported by George Soros, the John Templeton Foundation and other donors are intimidating America into silence by labeling anyone who exposes them as “racists,” “Islamophobes” and “white supremacists.” An event last fall featuring this author and DHS whistleblower Philip Haney was canceled by the venue following a similar campaign from Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) operatives. A second event in Illinois went on despite threatening calls to the organizer, her employer and the event location. …

“Shahram Hadian, a former Muslim and now Christian apologist who heads the Truth In Love project, was slated to speak at a number of the canceled events. He reacted strongly in a video about the cancellations posted on Saturday:

“‘Who shut us down folks? The Islamo-Marxist-Fascist oppressors in this nation, the same groups that we’ve been traveling around this nation warning you about…. How did that happen? It started with CAIR… the front group for the Muslim Brotherhood. Then they’ve joined with the Southern Poverty Law Center… Then they got Antifa involved… and we know their M.O. – they’re domestic terrorists… If you think we are living in a free nation any more… that this is the land of the free and home of the brave, we better wake up soon. Religious liberty, the right of assembly, the right of our speech, is gone. This is the M.O. now. This is the tactic they are using to shut us down.’”

Click here to learn more about the maligning and undermining of free speech, and how truth-tellers are being called a danger to safety. Read, understand how the warnings are being stifled, and think for yourself. Ask, “Who is presenting the real threat?”

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