Religious Leaders? Why Not Judge Moore?

By: American Decency Staff

Although the Alabama senate race is over, there are several questions which continue to (or at least should continue to) haunt evangelicals, and the far-reaching implications of this turn against conservative values are yet to be seen.

There are many questions that we should ask ourselves; after all, if this is a play that has been run successfully from the Democrat’s playbook; we should expect to see more of the same. This being the case let us consider objectively, yet not proceed blindly. Let’s not sell our vote or our soul for a Republican or conservative candidate; but neither should we be manipulated by outside forces, refusing to think for ourselves.

When it comes to these accusations, it is important to consider their credibility; but even if the accusations are believable (credible) that doesn’t make those allegations true. 

Doesn’t suspicious timing play into a judgment of credibility? Why did these allegations only surface now, after forty years, and not when Judge Moore was running for the Alabama Supreme Court (twice) or during the primaries?  How about the accusers’ ties to those who stand against conservative values, shouldn’t that also be taken into account?

Also, various leftists and leftist organizations strongly opposed Judge Moore:  Planned Parenthood, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Senate Majority Mitch McConnell, and the Republican National Committee.   What does the list of his enemies tell you about Judge Moore? 

Why would RINO Mitch McConnell spend $30 million to defeat Roy Moore only to gain Doug Jones in this senate seat?

And doesn’t substantiated character count for anything against unsubstantiated accusations? In the face of many untainted years of public service and standing for what is right, are we to ignore the character and conservative values stood for in light of unsubstantiated and timely accusations? Does standing vigorously for the sanctity of life mean nothing?   Doesn’t consistently and boldly standing for Biblical, traditional marriage mean anything?  Doesn’t standing against transgenderism, standing strong for national security, and speaking boldly from a scriptural worldview weigh in on whether something is credible or not? Don’t years of proven character mean anything?

Those qualities are offensive to the D.C. swamp and the Leftists. Some of these things have even put him at odds with his own political party. Is it possible that these political differences are the real reason his opponents jumped so quickly to convince voters of the credibility of the accusations?

Isn’t it highly likely that Judge Moore is opposed by such leftists because of his Biblical positions (stated above – anti-abortion, pro-Biblical-marriage, etc.)? 

Of course, it is impossible to prove or disprove what Moore may or may not have done 40 years ago. So, it’s possible (though I find it quite unlikely) that Alabama just narrowly avoided sending a sexual predator to represent them in the Senate.

And that was the difficult position Alabama voters found themselves in: potential sexual predator or known abortion advocate?

But no matter what you believe about Moore’s past, we have just seen evidenced that unprovable accusations can be used to turn an election. How likely is it that that will be used as a tactic in future campaigns?

We are living in a day where we are seeing that our government and politicians are failing us.  Our hearts are troubled that we can’t trust our leaders’ words, their “sworn oaths,” or their testimonies. We can’t trust that they are putting our country above themselves. We can’t even trust the deepest beliefs they claim to hold as we often see politicians shed their positions like a snake sheds its skin!

But, we are told in Scripture to look to Jesus in all things.To whom else can we turn?

Glean this from Hebrews chapter 11:36-38. “…prove to us that faith in Christ does not free us from life’s difficulties but often leads us into the heart of troubles. As a result the world may judge us as unworthy. Compare whom the world thinks of as worthy ones, and of whom God says ‘the world was not worthy.’ Whose verdict matters more to us?” [Taken from Thoughts for Personal/Family Worship, Reformation Heritage Study Bible, Hebrews 11.]

With strong feelings and cases to be made on both sides of the ballot box, we certainly aren’t casting stones or judging how people voted. But, we do offer a word of exhortation.

Don’t fool yourself; similar issues will come up again. Prayerfully consider how we should proceed. Let us consider a man’s character, track record, where and when the allegations come from, and lean heavily upon the Spirit’s quieting and disquieting of our spirit. Otherwise, we could easily fall prey to the manipulation of political ploys, media, or even our own fears and feelings.


My sadness (disappointment)  is grounded in the way in which nationally noted religious leaders gave no defining voice as to why Roy Moore was so distasteful; while months earlier, a number of them saw fit to endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States. 

Do these religious leaders who gave their support to President-elect Trump (many early on I might add) know of some reason why Roy Moore shouldn’t hold the senate seat in Alabama?  Why?  That is a very significant question.  WHY?

In closing, I watched Janet Porter grilled by CNN commentator, Anderson Cooper, in the days just prior to the Alabama election.  Cooper, interrupting Janet, was trying to mess with Janet’s mind, changing the question in mid-stream, and belittling her.   

At a time when Judge Moore certainly must have felt abandoned by all, Janet Porter stood with him, never hesitating to defend his integrity or her belief in him. May God grant to each of us such a friend during trying fiery times.

Thank you, Janet!        

If you also appreciate such loyalty, please join me in writing a word of thanks to Janet.  Thank you defender of life, faith, and a proven friend!   

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