Not Just an Organization, but a Living Organism

By: American Decency Staff


I’ve lately been reminded of the words of one of our early board members and a former pastor of mine, Pastor Jim Stevens.  One day back in the ‘80s, Jim told me, “This ministry is not so much developing into an organization, but remaining a living, breathing organism.”

Would Jim still view us that way today?   I think he would. I pray he would!

If you were to go back and look at the opportunities we’ve had and the goals we’ve met and the battles we’ve jumped into in preceding years, you would obviously see a big difference from the fights we were involved in back in the 1980s, and the issues we face and wrestle with day in and day out.

As entertainment has become crasser, corporations have insulated themselves from customer feedback. Complaints to big businesses nowadays are either ignored or even answered rudely as executives appeal to a completely immoral “moral standard” put forth by the likes of the Human Rights Campaign and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

As we’ve realized the decrease in our potential to affect change in the corporate world, we’ve also noticed an opportunity to shine a light in ways that very few organizations are doing.

We hope and pray that you agree with us of the necessity of facing both of these onslaughts; not one to the exclusion of the other, but each emanating from a desire to promote the Truth revealed in scripture and bring glory to God.

It is and has always been our defining purpose to bring God’s command to “pursue Holiness” to the forefront of His people’s minds.

It’s our hope that you’ve seen that in our messaging and may even wish to help us to advance this crucial message!

As many know, December is the biggest month of financial support for any non-profit organization as donations are tax deductible as the year comes to an end.

So, of course, December supports play a hugely important role in the strengthening and sustaining of our work into the summer months, when giving is often significantly down.

Some of our supporters typically wait until the end of the year to make their final gift or to make their one-time annual gift. 

So as I move toward closing, let me make you aware of this end-of-the-year news:   A friend of this ministry has offered a match challenge of $10,000 to assist us in building up for the spiritual warfare battles that await us in 2018.

That means that any gift you give through the end of the year will be doubled!  Friends, if you see fit to stand with our ministry, now is a wonderful time to do so, and we would be grateful and humbled!

We have seen the faithful, strong hand of God in our lives and in our work this past year. His faithfulness bolsters, renews, and sustains us.  That powerful faithfulness is evidenced so beautifully to us through His people. 

Linked below is a sum-up of the battles we’ve waded into in 2017.

We hope that this 2017 Year in Review assists and encourages you as you prayerfully consider standing with us with as strong (and prayerful) a gift as you feel led to give.   May God bless you and your family during this coming Christmas season and into 2018 as our Lord tarries!  

Bless you, dear friend!

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